Forklift loander LTMA 28 tons

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Powerful engine: Weichai Engine, 6 Cylinders 4-stroke, Turbocharged Intercooled, with multinomial patents, high efficiency low noise and cooling technology, strong power, energy conservation and environmental protection. Synthesize multilevel compound desert air filter technology, especially for using in dusty environment.

Hydraulic systems: To adopt confluence of dual-pump confluence and diffluence technology, rational use of engine power, reduce energy consumption effectively. Independent transmission oil and hydraulic oil cooling improve the hydraulic system stability.

Steering system: the coaxes flow-amplified, hydraulic compensated steering system makes operation easy and performance reliable.

Reliable and Steady:The heavier counterweight, long wheelbase, heighten ground clearance ensure that the machine could adapt to various tough condition and easy to load and dump the block in the quarry.

1.  rated loader is 28 tons, the Max. lifting height is 3600mm.When fullload (30 tons), the Max. Lifting height reaches 1600mm.
2. The operate weight is 31T.
3. 270HP/hr Top-grade Diesel Engine (WEICHAI engine), co-worker of German Deutz Company and AVL technology, Austria; 6 Cylinders, Turbocharged Intercooled, with multinomial patents, synthesize multilevel compound desert air filter technology, high efficiency low noise and cooling technology, especially for using in dusty environment.
4. Front tyre: “ADVANCE” high-load three stars 26.5 steel wire tires (Tire load more than 60tons); Rear tyre: “ADVANCE” 26.5 strengthening tires.
5.High Pressure Hydraulic Hose and Fittings: “PARKER”-the heavy duty performers (worldwide market leader in No-Skive hose technology).

The specifications of LTMA 28 ton forklift loader :





Rated power


Wheel base


Overall Dimension

Wheel Tread


Overall length


Min. ground clearance


Overall width


Unloading angle


Overall height


Haul location height

(Ground clearance of material)


Rated. lifting capacity

28000kg at 3600mm

Max. lifting height


Fuel tank capacity


Operating weight


Hydraulic oil tank capacity


Max. limited load


Tire size


Bucket capacity


Dimension of fork


Turning angle


Distance of fork


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If different working equipment is changed, the work of pushing, lifting, loading and unloading of other materials can also be completed. In highway construction, it is mainly used for filling and digging of subgrade engineering, aggregate and loading of asphalt and cement concrete field. Because of its advantages of fast operation, good maneuverability and easy operation, it has developed rapidly and become the main machinery in the construction of earthwork.

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