Wheel Loader LW500K

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China Main Port
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1 unit
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1000 Units per Month unit/month

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Description Specifications Unit

Rated load 5000  kg

Tipping load 123  KN

Bucket capacity 3.0  m3

Bucket width 3000  mm

Dump clearance at maximum lift 3090  mm

Reach at maximum  1130  mm

Overall height-bucket fully raised 5262  mm

Capacity lifting time  ≤6  s

Total hydraulic cycle time ≤11  s

Max.breakout force 170  KN

Max.tractive effort 160±5  KN

Machine weight 17.5  T

Articulation angle ±35° 

Min.turning radius over tire  6400  mm

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Q:what is this reservoir on my 480c case backhoe front loader?
that is your power steering reservoir. it requires standard hydraulic oil. your hydraulic reservoir should be built into the loader frame in one of the uprights
Q:Are there any differences between bulldozers, loaders and forklifts?
Bulldozers are used for backfill works. The crawler loader is used for handling materials. Loaders, of course, can be used for backfill loaders. There are 2 types: wheel loaders and crawler loaders. Crawler loaders feature like bulldozers. Maybe what you see is crawler loaders.
Q:i meant a 45/70 single shot which is considered a muzzle loader the felon in ? has bought one with no prob?
straw buy
Q:USB Loader GX - Wii freezes after loading game?
well okorder.com. install it to you're computer, and format you're usb hdd again, p.s. wbfs manager will allow you to install downloaded games to you're usb hdd, and you can run them on usb loader gx
Q:i want to down load a you tube down loader?
try okorder.com/
Q:Is it okay to use front loader washing machine detergent for a top-loader machine?
The only thing i can think of that would be a problem would maybe if you were adding bleach or something, then it would be getting dumped straight on the clothes. Or maybe front loading detergent is stronger and wont get diluted before reaching clothes as it would if you put it in the top? I doubt it though.
Q:which has a faster spin cycle? a front loader washing machine, or a top loader washing machine?
Another thing about front loader is they don't get out of balance and walk across the floor.
Q:Our washing machine has a very rusty smell. we have a front loader. any ideas of ways to take away the smell?
There was a thing about this on the local news chanel. Usually the cause of the smell is fungus and bacteria growing on the back side of the door seal. Even using bleach in the wash does no good because the machines are designed to have very little water get to that point but enough does to always keep it damp. Their conclusion is that the only effective method of getting rid of the smell is to remove and clean and or replace the seal. Look to see if there is a way to manually add water and bleach to the washer with the door closed to raise the water level to a point that it will soak the seal.
Q:Carbon 15 top loader for California? Similar guns?
I've been trying to get information on a Carbon 15 .22LR upper on a lower over on some other forms. I've found more cussing the Carbon 15 than those praising it. I think the top loader has merit for you the citizens in California. I also understand wanting to get something ahead of general election, but for now I'd pass on the Carbon 15 until all it's teething problems are worked out. I'm not up on California's firearm laws (infringements of rights) so I'll have to pass on answering your second question.
Q:Is the loader promising?
Loader is simple to open, that is, the working environment is relatively bad. Sometimes it's dangerous. General sites are leased, loaders according to the tonnage according to the daily price.

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