2015 Wood grapple loader CE approved New Log loader for sale LT958J

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LT958 log loader

LT958 log wheel loader

Operating weight17,100 kg
Rated load 6,000-10,000 kg
Engine modelWEICHAI WD10G220E23
Rated power 162KW
Rated rotate speed2000r/min
Max. torque≥745.3N.m
Breakout force 145KN
Driving speed
Forward Ⅰ0-11.5km/h
Forward Ⅱ 0-38km/h
Reverse Ⅰ 0-16km/h
Grade ability 28°
Overall length 7950mm
Overall width 2870mm
Overall height 3500mm
Bucket width 3000mm
Wheel base 3300mm
Track base 2260mm
Min. ground clearance
Max. dumping height
Max.dumping reach
Hydraulic Torque converter
Single stage,4elements
Raise time≤6.8s
Total ≤12.5s
Tire type 23.5-25

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Q:no usb loader could recognize my Usb After the update 4.3, any help?
The USB loader still requires cIOS 249, NOT IOS 58... so you have to reinstall cIOS 249 to do so (which was overwritten by a stub version in the update). HOWEVER, before you can reinstall cIOS 249, you'll need to install cIOS 236 (a trucha bug version of IOS 36) first.
Q:how do you load airsoft bb's into the sniper rifle magazine with the speed loader?
place the small opening of the speed loader and put it in the opening on top of the mag.
Q:Construction machinery, such as excavators, loaders and so on, belong to special equipment?
The 4000 code hoisting machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment is used for vertical lifting and horizontal or vertical lifting moving heavy objects, the scope of the provisions for the rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5T lift; rated lifting weight is greater than or equal to 3T (tower crane, or rated lifting torque is greater than or equal to 40t or m or greater than the productivity equal to 300t/h), and the crane lifting height is greater than or equal to the number of 2m crane; greater than or equal to 2 layers of mechanical parking equipment.
Q:How can I get the moldy smell out of my front loader washing machine?
Use 2 cups of vinegar to full load amount of hot water.
Q:Prometheus ISO loader won't load some iso/cso games is there anyways to fix this?
use open idea iso loader
Q:top loader washing machines?
They make energy efficient top loaders now. I've been checking them out as my next washing machine choice. They don't have agitators and use less water like the front loaders. They don't require those extra stands as do the front loaders and I don't see the mildew, vibration, etc. issues like you do with them. Check the link for info on one brand. Many others are also available.
Q:Wii loader usb. Can it play gamecube games as well?
I'm afraid that Wii Loader GX doesn't support Gamecube images... Other USB loaders might, but there'll likely be issues with it. HOWEVER, please be aware that it does require you to modify more Wii internal files, like mIOS (which is the IOS used SPECIFICALLY for the Gamecube games) the Wii tends to disable non-Gamecube components, so you'll likely get less than desirable results if you look at things.
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if u used fedora, i think the xp cd wont boot. you have 2 options. 1.if your xp cd is working, got to the recovery console by following the instructions(Press R while booting) and type fixmbr.
Q:usb loader gx update - black screen?
Try okorder.com forums, or send it to Nintendo to flash your NAND and hope that they don't look at what you have on it..
Q:What is the reason that the oil tank in the loader is too high?
(5) the machine is in normal load condition. (6) measured the work pressure of hydraulic pump and compared with the standard value, if the working pressure is too low, can be removed and a hydraulic pump overhaul. If the hydraulic pump wear or damage, the other should take a pump back. (7) measured variable outlet pressure converter And the transmission oil pressure and compared with the standard value. If the torque converter outlet pressure is too high, can be adjusted to the normal value. If the torque converter outlet pressure is too low and the pump pressure and the converter inlet oil pressure is normal, you should remove the converter will replace the damaged parts, such as gearbox oil pressure too; low converter inlet oil pressure is normal, detachable torque converter and gearbox and the disintegration of the damaged parts will be replaced. Gongyi City Huatong machinery factory contract and keeping promises, the quality of three bags.

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