Loader ZL35E Series

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Model ZL35E
Transmission type Fixed shaft, mechanical control
Rated load kg


Bucket capacity m3


Dump clearance mm2940
Dump reach mm1056
Max. traction force kN88
Max.breakout force kN100
Overall length mm7140
Overall width mm2480
Overall height mm3210
Min. turning radius mm2400
Max. travel speed km/h36
Operating weight kg10600

1. Long wheelbase and wide between improves the stability and increases tip load                                                                

2. Electro-hydraulically controlled transmission with KD forcible shift gear function                                                                

3. Hydraulic steering system makes the turning easier.                                                                  

4. Frames are simple in structure and easy in mantenance                                                                    

5. Low fuel-consuming, high-quality engine has good power performance                                                                

6. Excellent working device hydralic system, with lower thermal balance temperature, total hydraulic time short.

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