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Operating weight  操作质量31,000kg
Engine model 发动机型号WD10G270E201
Rated engine power 额定功率199kw
Rated rotate speed 额定转速2200r/nin
Max.torque 最大扭矩920N.m
Max.dumping height 最大卸载高度28tons @3600mm height              30tons @1600mm height
Rated load 额定荷载28T
NO.of shifts 档位数Forward 4 For Reverse 2
Driving speed 行驶速度
Forward IV前进4档0-41km/h
Grade ability 爬坡能力≥25°
Turning angle 转弯角度35°±1°
Overall length 全长10100mm
Overall width 全宽3130mm
Overall height 全高3680mm
Wheel base 轴距4200mm
Track base 轮距2830mm
dimension of fork 货叉尺寸1500×250×120
Torque converter 变矩器Model型号: YJ375X3 ratio
Cycling time 三项和18s
Tire type 轮胎26.5-25
Company Information 

Located in Beautiful Garden City Xiamen Special Economy Zone, Xiamen Xinlongteng Machinery Co., Ltd.(LTMA) is specialized in the manufacture, sale, service and R&D of construction and engineering machinery.Since foundation in March 2000, LTMA has always kept its professional role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 13 years. At present, it among Top 200 Chinese construction machine enterprises, develops products from 5ton wheel loader in 2001 to the most complete product type and series: 1-8 ton wheel loaders,10-40 ton forklift loaders,(as well as grapple loaders, side loaders.) ,1-35 ton forklifts.

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Q:Liugong ZL50CN loader, how much do you buy?
We have more than 320 thousand points to buy a dozen of the basic stage to spend 2 million bucks.
Q:How high is the water temperature of the loader?
Mainly depends on the requirements of the engine and the configuration of the water tank, and should consult the loader manufacturer in detail.
Q:Applicable range of small loaders
Small loader is a very wide scope of application, basic can work with a shovel can be used as long as the appropriate venue
Q:Forklifts, forklifts, loaders, which belong to special equipment?
(four) lift, refers to the power driven by boxes moving along rigid rails or along the fixed line operation steps (steps), vertically or horizontally transported, mechanical and electrical equipment of goods, including manned (goods) elevator, escalators, automatic sidewalks etc.. (five) hoisting machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment is used for vertical lifting and horizontal or vertical lifting moving heavy objects, the scope of the provisions for the rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5T lift; rated lifting weight is greater than or equal to 1t, and the lifting height is greater than or equal to 2M of the crane and the bearing fixed forms of electric hoist etc.. (six) passenger ropeway refers to the electromechanical equipment driven by power, which uses flexible ropes, traction boxes and other means of transportation to transport personnel, including passenger aerial ropeway, passenger cable car, passenger towing ropeway and so on. (seven) large recreation facilities, is used for business purposes, carrying passengers and recreation facilities, the scope of the provisions for the design maximum speed greater than or equal to 2m/s, or run the height from the ground is higher than or equal to 2m manned large recreational facilities. (eight) special motor vehicles in the field (factory), except for road traffic and agricultural vehicles, which are only used in specific areas such as factories, factories, tourist attractions and amusement parks. Special equipment includes the materials used, ancillary safety accessories, safety protection devices and facilities related to safety protection devices.
Q:Which brand is the best for a small loader in Laizhou?
Levin - small outfit first brand! The annual sales of more than 40000 units!
Q:What about the loader's operation permit now?
3 belong to special equipment and special operation of construction machinery type, should accept the government special operations safety training, in order to obtain special qualification certificate.
Q:There is no truck with a small loader is a car with a small excavator
You can try one, but it should be troublesome. A hydraulic system is very complicated.
Q:How long is the warranty on the loader?
variable box: gear parts, shell (oil ring Paul 6 months) frame: 1 years of hydraulic oil: the manufacturers warranty for a year and half a year warranty if the various manufacturers are not the same as some second large maintenance work fee,
Q:Are there any differences between bulldozers, loaders and forklifts?
First of all, the bulldozer is used to fill earth, is to pull a car down with bulldozers to push the mud flat; and the loader is used for loading forklift, however, can only be used for loose sand mud ah, like, to hold to the car! They are totally different shapes! You can pay more attention to the construction machinery network when you have time. It has a lot of knowledge about construction machinery on it
Q:The working principle of Loaders
Mechanical system: mainly including walking device, steering mechanism and working device. Hydraulic system: the system's function is to the engine's mechanical energy to fuel as the medium, the use of oil pump into hydraulic energy, and then transferred to the cylinder, oil, motor, etc. into mechanical energy. Control system: the control system is the engine, hydraulic pumps, multi-channel reversing valve and executive components of the control system.

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