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Operating weight  操作质量31,000kg
Engine model 发动机型号WD10G270E201
Rated engine power 额定功率199kw
Rated rotate speed 额定转速2200r/nin
Max.torque 最大扭矩920N.m
Max.dumping height 最大卸载高度28tons @3600mm height              30tons @1600mm height
Rated load 额定荷载28T
NO.of shifts 档位数Forward 4 For Reverse 2
Driving speed 行驶速度
Forward IV前进4档0-41km/h
Grade ability 爬坡能力≥25°
Turning angle 转弯角度35°±1°
Overall length 全长10100mm
Overall width 全宽3130mm
Overall height 全高3680mm
Wheel base 轴距4200mm
Track base 轮距2830mm
dimension of fork 货叉尺寸1500×250×120
Torque converter 变矩器Model型号: YJ375X3 ratio
Cycling time 三项和18s
Tire type 轮胎26.5-25
Company Information 

Located in Beautiful Garden City Xiamen Special Economy Zone, Xiamen Xinlongteng Machinery Co., Ltd.(LTMA) is specialized in the manufacture, sale, service and R&D of construction and engineering machinery.Since foundation in March 2000, LTMA has always kept its professional role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 13 years. At present, it among Top 200 Chinese construction machine enterprises, develops products from 5ton wheel loader in 2001 to the most complete product type and series: 1-8 ton wheel loaders,10-40 ton forklift loaders,(as well as grapple loaders, side loaders.) ,1-35 ton forklifts.

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Q:Should I get a control deck nes, top loader nes or a clone ?
Definitely a control deck or a top loader. I have used clones before and run into problems with certain games not working on them. I personally use a top loader because it is easier to get games to work, doesn't have a lock out chip, and won't do as much damage to cartridges. The trade off with a top loader is that you occasionally don't get as good of a video signal, and you are restricted to using the RF cord. The control deck may give you a little more trouble but it has composite AV which is good if you are using a newer tv, however seeing as you collect Atari games I am guessing that you won't have any trouble with TV's being too new. I love the top loader but I also love the original, its a toss up between them,
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extremely tough step. query onto the search engines. just that might help!
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Bound's hubby here: With respect to crossbows, if it is legal to hunt with a crossbow in your state a convicted felon probably could hunt with one. This would be dependent upon the laws within your state. With respect to firearms, and muzzle loaders qualify as firearms, federal law prohibits convicted felons from possessing firearms. Despite what IM hip says, once convicted of a felony no felon can ever legally possess a firearm. So, no, you would not be able to hunt with a muzzle loader. Good luck and enjoy your bow and arrow.
Q:How to maintain the loader and other files?! Twenty
You can adjust the gear first, if not, there may be a problem with the gearbox
Q:Can you play wii fit games using neogamma or a USB loader?
Yes, the Wii Balance Board will work fine using the cIOS that the USB loader is using (as opposed to it's preferred IOS). You don't say which USB loader you have but they all have an option to load a Wii game disk and store it on the USB drive... Check the options/settings screens.
Q:USB Loader for 4.3u Wii?
I okorder.com/ Warning: It is illegal to obtain/distribute backups of games you do not own. Play Fair.
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Q:C1 driver's license to drive 50 loaders, traffic police can revoke the driver's license?
A few years ago, there was a saying that the loader was on the road and needed B2. But now it seems that the loader's operation certificate is needed. The traffic police can not revoke the driver's license.
Q:Why many MBTs use autoloaders instead of human loaders?
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Q:50 is the price of the loader 50?
The price of the 50 shovel is basically around 350 thousand. With 5 years, your shovel has basically been unable to use, long-term rent outside, no one will give you maintenance or careful use. Basically, 70 thousand a year. After 5 years, you can sell 100 thousand yuan, or lower.You're 9000 yuan a month. A day to 300 yuan.Do you know how the excavator doesn't count? Bring the driver to refuel for 100 yuan an hour. 8 hours a day is 800 yuan.The price is pretty much the same!!!

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