AWS a5.18 er70s-6 co2 Gas Shileld Welding Wire

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Product Description:

AWS a5.18 er70s-6 co2  Gas Shileld Welding Wire


Main Structure:

aws a5.18 er70s-6 co2 welding wire 
-Factory supply 
-OEM packing 
-Spool drum pack, 10 days deliver

  aws a5.18 er70s-6 co2 welding wire fil à souder    



1. Brief Introduction:


aws a5.18 er70s-6 co2 welding wire fil à souder has excellent mechanical performance such as depositing speed and high efficiency, stable arc, little splash, good welding seam.


This series of welding wires are suitable for the low carbon steel and low alloy structure, vehicle, bridge, container, construction machinery, boilers and construction etc.have depositing speed and high efficiency, stable arc, little splash, good welding seam. 

2. Advantages:


1. very low welding cost, high productivity and low electricity consumption.

2. excellent welding performance, stable arc, low spatter, easy slag removal.

3. perfect welding seam forming, small weld metal stomatal sensitivity.

4. easy operating, all position welding.

5. very low hydrogen content in the weld and lower nitrogen content, excellent crack-resistance.

6. little deformation after welding.

7. wide applicability. suitable for welding thin, medium and thick plates.

8. Suitably wide range of welding current.



3. Usage: 


ER70S-6 Welding Wire for Low Carbon Steel Weld has been widely used in all kind of field. such as automotive industries, construction machinery production, shipbuilding, metallurgical equipment production, bridges, civil works, petrochemical industry, pressure vessels of boiler, locomotives, etc.



4. Size:


Wire Size

  Spool Size

Package Size














 5. Chemical Composition:









standard value





  ≤ 0.025

≤ 0.50

≤ 0.50

sample value   









6. Typical Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal:


Tenile strength  

     δb (MPa)     

Yield Point 



    δ5 (%)  

  AKV Impact Value

      (J) (-20°C)    

 Shielding Gas

        ≥ 500

     ≥ 420

       ≥ 22

      ≥ 27








7. Diameter of Wire &  Reference Current (DC+):


  Diameter of wire (mm)


        Ø 1.0

       Ø 1.2

        Ø 1.6

         F current (A)





         V current (A)




        OH current (A)





8. Package:


1kg/ 5kg/ 15kg/ 20kg plastic spool


15kg/ 20kg metal spool


250kg/350kg drum


AWS a5.18 er70s-6 co2  Gas Shileld Welding Wire

AWS a5.18 er70s-6 co2  Gas Shileld Welding Wire

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Q:Stainless steel wire directly outside (one end of the end of the wire), what is appropriate?
Of course, that is: the thread connecting pipe belongs to the wood, the fixed number of automatic belt, all fittings are unified consideration, do not need to set a trench; connection, pipe fittings, flange and clamp bolts are the main material, according to the actual calculation of the cost of materials, regardless of the installation fee.
Q:What is the difference between stainless steel plate, matte surface and wire drawing surface?
Stainless steel plate, drawing surface is one of the frosted surface, matte surface basically has SB, HL (wire drawing), NO.4 (snow) these three surfaces.
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel screws or galvanized screws? Why are galvanized screws good?
3. Good reliability: the combination of zinc coating and steel is metallurgical bonding and becomes a part of the steel surface. Therefore, the durability of the coating is more reliable;4, coating toughness: zinc coating forming a special metallurgical structure, this structure can bear in transit and use mechanical damage;
Q:How to distinguish 301 stainless steel wire, soft silk, hard silk?
Soft and hard testing is usually surface hardness tester or material extension test can be detected!
Q:Is stainless steel drawing panel stainless steel?
Stainless steel (Stainless, Steel) refers to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive medium and acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive medium corrosion of steel, also known as stainless acid resistant steel. In practical application, the steel which is often corroded by weak corrosive medium is called stainless steel, and the steel which is resistant to chemical medium is called acid resisting steel. Because of the difference in chemical composition between the two, the former is not necessarily resistant to chemical medium corrosion, while the latter is generally stainless. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on the alloying elements contained in the steel.
Q:Stainless steel plate, how much silk is what?
But in the stainless steel industry said decimillimeter, such as stainless steel plate with the thickness of 1mm, the tolerance of 0.91 plus or minus 1 wire, a tolerance of plus or minus 0.01mm 0.91mm. That is to say here is actually in mathematics centimillimeter decimillimeter.1 wire =0.01 mm
Q:How do you screw on the stainless steel door?
The problem is not standard. You should make sure the thickness, material and solution of the stainless steel sheet!!Generally, the sheet under 1mm can be directly hit by nails or self tapping screws, but the effect is not good. It depends on what material you are fixed on
Q:Is the inner and outer joint of the water pipe good with copper or stainless steel?
Choose between these two materials. Use stainless steel as well.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of wire drawing stainless steel?
Drawing process will to some extent lose the thickness of stainless steel plate, usually at 0.1~0.2mm. In addition, because the human body, especially the palm has a relatively strong oil and sweat secretion, stainless steel wire drawing board often hand touch will leave a more obvious fingerprints, regular scrub.The drawing is divided into: stainless steel, oil mill, dry grinding mill, drawing drawing drawing, the drawing effect is the most ideal oil mill, and the appearance is satisfactory!
Q:What is the difference between the spring stainless steel wire, the fog and the bright surface?
Bright stainless steel wire is usually drawn by cold drawing. The stainless steel wire is made by cold drawing and then treated by chemical passivation, so the price is higher.

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