420 Stainless Steel Strips

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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1 Ton m.t.
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2000 Tons Per Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

420 Stainless Steel Strips

1. Chemical composition















2. Mechanical properties

Yield Strength



Hardness (HV)

Hardness (HRB)



            ≥ 18



3. Standard: AISI, ASTM, GB, EN, DIN, JIS

4. Surface: 2B, NO.1, BA, NO.4, Hairline, SB, Mirror finish, Anti-skid, Cherkered etc.

5. Size: Thickness: 0.3-3mm (cold rolled), 3-40mm (hot rolled)

          Width: 1000mm or 1219mm or 1240mm for cold rolled, 1500mm for hot rolled.

          Length: As customers' request.

6. MOQ: 1 Ton

7. Payment terms: T/T or L/C 

8. Packing: Seaworthy package with wooden or Iron pallets with the paper and the steel strip, or as customers' request.

9. Delivery time: Usually about 7 days after we confirming the order, or according to your quantity.

If you have any question or demand, pls feel free to contact me.



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Q:Stainless steel 304 work teeth, easy to break the silk work?
304 stainless steel is a common stainless steel material, the density of 7.93 g/cm3, the industry is also called 18/8 stainless steel. High temperature resistance of 800 degrees, with good processability, high toughness characteristics, widely used in industry and furniture decoration industry and food and medical industry.
Q:Stainless steel seamless pipe should pay attention to what?
The common thread has three types: metric, imperial, unified system (also called us). The metric system is in millimeters, with a tooth angle of 60 degrees. For example: "M8X1-6H" stands for metric fine thread with a diameter of 8 mm, with a pitch of 1 mm and an internal thread tolerance zone of 6H.
Q:What stainless steel screws are best?
Other factors, such as weight, price, purchase, and so on, should be considered.This is your professional problem, actually looking for suppliers of enough, you can find detailed Jiajie and building materials to ask, very good.Stainless steel fasteners, the main raw materials are austenitic 302, 304, 316 and low nickel 201 and so on. If the budget is too large, it is recommended to choose 304!
Q:304 what is the best tapping thread for stainless steel tapping?
A thread is a line consisting of a variety of lines. The most intuitive is the spiral section of a cylindrical or conical surface made of protruding parts with a specified cross section. According to its parent thread shape is divided into cylindrical and conical screw threads; according to their position in the matrix is divided into outer and inner thread, according to the section shape (teeth) divided into triangular thread, rectangular screw, trapezoidal thread, serrated thread and other special forms of thread, the main thread for connecting the triangle, rectangle, trapezoidal and serrated thread is mainly used for transmission;
Q:What are the uses of stainless steel fiber yarn?
The stainless steel fiber internal structure, physical and chemical properties and surface properties changed significantly in the process of fibrosis, stainless steel fiber not only has metal material inherent high elastic modulus, high bending resistance and tensile strength of all the advantages, but also has non stainless steel fiber with some special properties and wide application.
Q:What are the specifications of stainless steel wire?
316 and 317 stainless steel (see below the performance of 317 stainless steel) is a stainless steel containing molybdenum. The molybdenum content in 317 stainless steel with 316 stainless steel. Due to a little of molybdenum in steel, the steel overall performance is better than 310 and 304 stainless steel, high temperature, when the concentration of sulfuric acid is less than 15% and more than 85%, 316 stainless steel has been widely used. 316 stainless steel also has good resistance to chloride corrosion, so it is often used in marine environments. The maximum carbon content of 316L stainless steel is 0.03, which can be used in welding and can not be annealed and requires maximum corrosion resistance
Q:How to distinguish between 302 stainless steel screws and 304 stainless steel screws?
[difference] 302 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel 304 stainless steel is one of the most widely used kind of chromium - nickel stainless steel, as a widely used steel, corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; punching, bending and other thermal processing, non hardening heat treatment (using temperature -196 to 800 DEG C). 302 stainless steel the carbon is relatively high (302 C = 0.15%; 304 C is less than or equal to 0.08%) and better strength. The other indicators are basically the same as those of 304.
Q:What material of stainless steel screws is not easy to strip?
If stainless steel screws easily slip teeth, there may be no hard, if only through hard will solve the questions, that don't have to change what material. And if it is in the device using the screw, the force is too large so that the adjustment screw form, good strength. If it is not, then you can only directly replace the screw material, change a little better. Faced with screws, wire 1010, base to 1006 screws, wire produced screws, then the wire produced by their own screw hardness is not so good
Q:How to weld stainless steel wire
Low temperature, ultra low temperature WE88C welding wire with WE88C-F welding flux, this time according to the structure of materials to be welded and the welding requirements to choose the appropriate welding tools, such as no special requirements, stick on the line you can use the soldering iron, if welding structure has a little strength can be heated by the flame way of heating tool with WE53 special porous liquefied gas gun, burning liquefied gas burning alone
Q:How to distinguish invisible security net 304 stainless steel wire?
Profile: invisible anti-theft network is the use of 1.8mm steel wire, the distance of 5 cm composed of anti-theft network, the appearance looks very beautiful, does not affect the lighting, does not affect the line of sight, does not affect the appearance of the building.
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Location Shandong,China
Year Established 2005
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Main Markets Europe, China
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

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Nearest Port Tian Jin
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