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TypeMode of jointsEquilateral hexagonal type component partsSizes of different partsHeight of not /Unit weightMaterialTechnical parameters
SJoints in the same directionThe claws of inner wall are T shapeSizes of different parts:In accordance with technical specifications of C8.3






There should be no cracks in the bent angles with a bent radius of R=2mm after the steel strip punched into shape All the structure in the component parts should be steady without anything loose. The mal-position of adjacent sides shall be not more than 0.3mm. The unevenness of component parts shall be less than 3mm/m2
S-1Joints in the same directionThere has n stclaws in the inner wall
S-2Joints in the contrary directionThere has claws in the inner wall
S-3Joins in the same directionThere has claws in the inner wall
S-4Joints in the same directionThere has claws in the inner wall

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Q:Can stainless steel and nickel titanium wire be welded together?
Can welding technique is mature, the general nickel 82 welding can be, the special requirements of the re-election of the other welding materials.
Q:The difference between high gloss wire drawing and stainless steel drawing panel
High light the drawing, I dare not to use the original evaluation, drawing is to increase the visual area, enhance the material texture effect, but also is of high light, this is not a little more effort, you can find some pictures on the details of a clear, ha ha, I hope to help you!
Q:Is the tire steel wire stainless steel?
Tire steel wire is a high carbon steel 70-80C-90C drawn after the surface of brass plating, and then stretched into a rope, the surface is brass, thin about 0.5um, will soon rust, but and rubber will occur vulcanization reaction,
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel screws and carbon steel screws?
1: popular speaking, carbon steel screws did not specially add alloy elements of steel, stainless steel screws for rust prevention and add high alloy content of steel.2: stainless steel screws are more expensive than carbon steel screws.
Q:How can stainless steel and copper wire be welded?
If it can be used for brazing, silver based solder solder with high temperature for welding of copper and stainless steel, but this is the need for flame welding, but if it is the relatively thin copper wire should be used with caution, so as not to burn the wire.
Q:Can stainless steel screws be operated by an automatic lock screw machine?
The automatic lock screw machine has no special requirement for the material of the screw, and the general screw or the stainless steel screw can be used.
Q:Why does stainless steel have magnetism?
In addition, austenitic stainless steel wire containing magnetic, is related to its processing technology, austenitic stainless steel raw materials are non-magnetic, but after processing, some finished products will have a weak magnetic.
Q:What is stainless steel wire drawing tube?
Stainless steel drawing tube is in the stainless steel pipe surface, and then drawing treatment, forming such as hair lines in general, so that the surface looks more beautiful, widely used in decorative decoration
Q:How can stainless steel screws bite?
Rough or sticky foreign teeth, such as solder joints and other metal clips between the teeth, often lead to lock. (3) too or locked speed possible use torque wrench or socket wrench, avoid the use of adjustable wrench or electric wrench, because electric wrench often causes the locking speed too fast, rapid temperature rise and locking.
Q:How about 3 mm diameter stainless steel wire welding?
After all bending, use resistance welding, also known as contact welding. If it is made of a single piece, use gas protection to weld the solder joint.

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