Asphalt Mixing Plant 200-240 tph

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Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: XRMC

Model Number: J3000 Container Asphalt Mixing Plant

Construction Machinery: machinery

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suitable for sea delivery

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40 days after contract signing


Can be installed quick
High efficiency and quality
Environmental protection

J3000 Container type Asphalt Mixing Plants is the international advanced products manufactured with introducing the technologies of BENNINGHOVEN company by XRCMC.It is suitable for the Chinese market and is designed as the containerlike structure according to the international standard. This design ensures the fast and safe transportation, make it be compact and reduce the floorspace. Because the advanced automatic control and supervisory systems are equipped, J3000 can work reliably.

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Q:How can I make the paver go straight 5
Side of the paver to tie a bent wire (90 degrees), one end of the alignment (painted), looking at the end of the wire to grasp the steering wheel, it will not be biased.
Q:Vertical rammer oil spill happened
The problem of oil leakage of 90% above is because the rubber ring a long time due to cold and warm temperature alternation, lead sealing ring and lost a lot of plasticizer, softening agent, the hard problem of corrosion, first oil leakage, slowly dripping phenomenon, a long time sealing ring fracture
Q:How many cables should be used for the 250KW pile driver?
What's more, your distance is 400 meters, the wire reaches full load, so far distance, voltage loss is also very big. Therefore, the proposed use of two 240 square meters of aluminum core cable parallel operation.
Q:Municipal Road, the width of the oil surface 12 meters,
Vibrating only 12 meters, even at the end of the screed, there will be material overflow, but need to be re processed
Q:Classification of piling equipment
The vibration pile machine, static uplift pile machine, pile hammer machine, static pile machine, deep mixing pile machine, jet pile base and so on, the general pile hammer machine for suburban noise, smoke pollution, static pressure pile machine is used in the city, small noise will probably ~ ~
Q:What type of machine is needed for highway foundation piling machine? Price?
This series of drilling machines is a new type of pile foundation construction machinery, which adopts hydraulic walking, electric control and long auger drilling. Hydraulic drive chassis can achieve 360 degrees of full swing, in place, move, tune, equal action, fast and accurate. The utility model can be used for carrying out the drilling operation, and the steel cage can be lifted by itself and the grouting operation can be carried out by adopting two electric control winches. The output shaft of the power head is hollow, and besides the general long spiral dry method, the deep mixing method can also be applied.
Q:What is the hourly fuel consumption of the Volvo8820 paver?
You can calculate your fuel consumption according to your power. If it's 100 kilowatt hours of work, 1 kilograms of 206X100=20.6.
Q:What do you mean by engineering ground leveling and ground leveling?
At present, most domestic and foreign flat machines adopt 6 * 4 * 2 wheel arrangement and articulated frame. The grader working on a slope, under lateral load, the steering wheel with the tilt mechanism on wheel tilt stability improve work when the grader; steering on the ground, can further reduce the turning radius, implementation of special site operations. (2) according to the blade length or the power of the engine according to the classification of blade length or engine power is different, can be divided into light and heavy, three, as shown in table 4-1. (3) according to the frame structure classification, according to the frame structure is different, can be divided into two types of integral and articulated. The overall frame has a larger overall stiffness, but a larger turning radius, the domestic PY160B grader used this kind of frame. Compared with integral frame, articulated frame has many advantages, such as small turning radius, large range of operation and good operation stability. It is widely used in modern grader. (4) classification according to the mode of operation, according to different modes of operation, can be divided into two kinds of mechanical control and hydraulic control. At present, the working device and walking device of the self-propelled grader adopts hydraulic control.
Q:The grader which is better, in the mountain.
It depends on what you do. My SG18-3, usually used to smooth, trenching, scraping slope, pushing earth, soil, winter snow nothing. Control operations are more flexible. There are several types of Shantui grader, generally quite good.
Q:Where is the laser spreader well?
Shandong Yanzhou Wanshi Mechanical Technology Co. Ltd. is a domestic R & D, manufacturing, sales, technical services in one, specializing in concrete laser leveling machine of high-tech enterprises.

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