AR fiberglass mat ZrO2 16.7 content

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Product Description:

Technical Date Sheet for ZrO2 16.7% AR fiberglass mat


ARMC150-1000mmH ZrO2 ≥16.5%

Application: For Cement or concrete reinforcement (GRC)

Test Condition:Temperature & Humidity 24 56%

Material properties:

1Type of Glass                      Alkali Resiatant (AR)                            

2ZrO2 content              %             ≥16.5

3Specific density          g/m3            2.68

4Filament dia.              um            11±2

5Strand Tex                tex            50±5

6Cut fiber length           mm            40-50

7Mass per unit area        g/            150

8Width                    mm             1000

9Thickness                mm             0.5

10Size content             %               9

11Breaking strength       N/150mm        37


Packing details: 100M2 /Roll /ctn,16ctns/pallet,20pallets/1*20’FCL. 32000m2.


AR Fiberglass Mat is an engineered designed for use in the reinforcement of very thin layer (5-25 mm

AR Fiberglass Mat has a high elastic modulus and tensile strength, making them ideal as an effective reinforcement for cement matrices. They will not rot or corrode, and are unaffected by UV radiation, making them suitable for use with minimal cover.

AR Fiberglass Matis available in a range of nominal weight: Standard is 120 G/M2. It is produced by chopping Huierjie AR-rovings into 20-50mm strands and forming into a mat with a suitable binder. The mat has an open construction to permit penetration by cement mortar. The engineered binder, which dissolves with water further, assists incorporation into a cement matrix.

AR Fiberglass Matmay be used as a positioned reinforcement flooring systems.

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