AC Driver China Best Selling VFD Frequency Drive 3 phase 380V 11kw

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1.220V Single Phase Variable Frequency Drive 2.2KW
2.Advanced control technology
3.Easy to operate

    220V Single  Phase Variable Frequency Drive 2.2KW




CNBM  frequency  inverter is a high-quality, multi-function,

low-noise variable frequency drive which is designed, developed and manufactured according to international standards.

It can meet different needs of industrial conditions.

The inverter applies advanced control technology of space voltage vector PWM, with functions of constant voltage control, power-off restart, dead zone compensation, automatic torque compensation, online modification parameter, high-speed impulse input, simple PLC and traverse.









Input voltage


Input frequency



Output voltage

0~input voltage

Output frequency


Peripheral interface characteristics

Programmable digital input

4 switch input, 1 high-speed impulse input

Programmable analog input

AI1: 0~10V input

AI2: 0~10V input or 0~20mA input,

Programmable open collector


2 Output

(3.7kW and above: 1 Open collector output)

Relay Output

1 Output (3.7kW and above: 2 Relay output)

Analog output

2 Output, one is 0~10V,

another is 0~20mA or 0~10V


Display:5-digit 8-section LED (Red), 2 indicators; parameter setting: 8 keys (including multi-function hot key ), 1 potentiometer

Technical performance characteristics

Control mode

All digital space voltage vector SVPWM algorism

Overload capacity

G purpose: 150% rated current 60s

P purpose: 120% rated current 60s

Speed ratio

1: 100

Carrier frequency


Torque compensation

Linear, multi-point, 1.3th power, 1.7th  power, 2.0th power reduced torque; Compensation voltage range: automatic compensation and manual compensation 0.1~10%

Automatic voltage adjustment

It can automatically maintain output voltage constant when grid voltage fluctuates.

Automatic current adjustment

When the current is over current limit, under clocking automatically limits output current.

Function characteristics

Frequency setting mode

Keypad digital analog input, keypad potentiometer, impulse frequency, communication, multi-step speed and simple PLC, PID setting and so on, switch-over of setting modes.

Simple PLC,

multi-step speed control

16-step speed control

Special function

Traverse control, length control, time control


User-defined multi-function hot key

Protection function

Over-current, Over voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, phase failure, over-load and motor over-load

Working condition

Installation site

Indoor, altitude of less than 1km, dust free, non-corrosive gases, no direct sunlight

Application environment

-10°C~+40°C, 20~90%RH (no dew)


Less than 0.5g

Storage temperature


Installation type

Wall-mounted type, floor cabinet type

Cooling mode

Air-forced cooling






Textile: coarse spinner, spinning frame, wrap-knitting machine, loom, knitting machine, silk-spinning machine, etc.


Plastic: extruder, hauling machine, decorating machine, etc.


Pharmacy: mixer, roaster, etc.


Woodworking: engraving machine, sander, veneer peeling lathe, etc.


Papermaking: single type papermaking machine, etc.


Machine tool: non-core grinding machine, optical lens grinding machine, cutting mill, etc.


Printing: cloth-washing machine, dye vat, etc.


Cement: feeder, air blower, rotary furnace, mixer, crusher, etc


Fan and pump: kinds of fans, blowers and pumps

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Q:What is the traction frequency converter for electric cars?
The main advantage of inverter products in electric vehicles lies in:1, reliability: three heavy over-current protection, three heavy voltage protection, three heavy drive protection, ensure the motor controller reliable and stable operation.2, the control strategy is superior: the motor controller adopts vector control technology, which has the advantages of superior performance and high reliability. It is suitable for AC asynchronous or permanent magnet synchronous motors;3, the large capacity output capability: the output end of the motor with no gearbox or reducer, greatly reduces the noise, fault point and mechanical drive system control mode is simple, cost saving, high reliability, good stability of vehicle operation;4, the power performance is good: acceleration performance (0 ~ 15 seconds 50km/h), more good economic performance (0.9 degrees /km @40km/h);5, fault diagnosis and treatment: in order to improve the reliability of the whole vehicle, motor control system must have the function of fault diagnosis, and can save the trouble, convenient after analysis, also through the diagnostic ports can be implemented online debugging motor controller and recording various operating curve facilitates optimization of the whole control system;6, efficient braking energy recovery: give full play to the advantages of pure electric vehicle powertrain system, improve energy utilization, motor control system must have the brake energy recovery function.7, simple: motor controller quality is reliable, and light weight, easy to layout, wiring, maintenance convenience and so on, the industrialization prospect is very good.
Q:What are the possible causes of frequency hopping overload?
The meaning of inverter overload protection is that the output current of the inverter continues to exceed the rated current, but it has not exceeded the transient flow point, and the general duration is defined as 1min. The general overload constant torque converter is 150% 1min, variable torque converter is generally 110%120%/1min.
Q:Hello everyone, I was doing fine tuning, ask inverter carved machine always ranging from the time jump out ah?
It should be a frequency converter. Right now, look at the frequency converter output frequency settings, tune, and suggest the next election wide output frequency converter, or simply PLC
Q:Application of ABB frequency converter
What is the difference between a voltage type and an electric current type?The main circuit of the inverter can be divided into two categories: voltage is DC voltage source converter for AC inverter, the DC circuit is the filter capacitor current is DC converter; current source for AC inverter, the DC circuit filter inductance stone.
Q:Synchronous operation of two inverters,
Two start with frequency conversion. The frequency converter is controlled by a potentiometer, and the analog output signal (AO.GND) is sent into the converter and connected to the AI.GND port of the converter. If the pulse port can also be connected to the pulse port.
Q:What does Ro1c mean on a converter?
Relay output converter dry contact signal, RO1C is the common end and RO1A is closed, RO1B is normally open, this set of contacts is prepared to run the factory setting output signal, power on self-test is completed can run the relay output signal. It can be modified to the output point of the signal such as fault and operation in the twenty-fourth set of parameters.
Q:What are the basis of the frequency converter to choose?
1, brand, mainly for cost control2, performance, overload, function, reliability,3, load characteristics, constant torque, square torque or special load (determine the length of the cable of the load motor)4, environmental aspects: temperature, humidity. Altitude.These are the needs of attention when type selection.The last point is the most important, when choosing type, remember that the motor power can not be selected, must be selected in accordance with the motor current.
Q:Why does the frequency change when the frequency converter regulates the frequency?
Because the product of three-phase asynchronous motor stator phase voltage and frequency and flux is proportional to the frequency when the downward adjustment, if the sustain voltage is constant, the flux must be increased, this will cause the main magnetic saturation excitation current passing, the surge in motor damage.As a result, the voltage is usually adjusted down proportionally as the frequency is lowered down.However, when adjusting the frequency, the voltage is not adjustable in order to avoid the excessive voltage damage of the motor. Therefore, in the use of frequency converter overclocking motor, the magnetic flux will decline, the motor output torque characteristics will move to the left.
Q:Heating inverter commissioning steps
And carry on the test run 1. manual operation of the frequency converter panel running stop, observe the motor running process and the frequency converter display window, to see if there is abnormal phenomenon. 2. if the P is started and the over-current protection is stopped in the motor, the acceleration P deceleration time should be reset. The acceleration of the motor during acceleration and deceleration depends on the acceleration torque, while the frequency change rate of the inverter during the start and braking is set by the user. If the inertia of motor or motor load change, speed or deceleration rate according to frequency change preset when possible acceleration torque is not enough, resulting in motor stall, motor speed and the inverter output frequency coordination, thus causing overcurrent or overvoltage. Therefore, it is necessary to set acceleration and deceleration time according to the inertia and load of the motor, so that the frequency change rate of the converter can be coordinated with the speed change rate of the motor.
Q:What are the contents of frequency converter maintenance?
Routine inspection itemsShould first check the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment before power on, too high temperature will cause the inverter overheat alarm, will directly lead to serious damage, the inverter power devices short circuit; air is too humid will lead to internal direct short circuit inverter. In the inverter operation, should pay attention to its cooling system is normal, such as: whether the exhaust air flow smooth, fan whether abnormal sound. General protection level higher frequency converter, such as: IP20 or more frequency converter can be directly installed

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