Frequency Inverter Single-phase 380V class 55KW

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1.220V Single Phase Variable Frequency Drive 2.2KW
2.Advanced control technology
3.Easy to operate



CNBM  frequency  inverter is a high-quality, multi-function,

low-noise variable frequency drive which is designed, developed and manufactured according to international standards.

It can meet different needs of industrial conditions.

The inverter applies advanced control technology of space voltage vector PWM, with functions of constant voltage control, power-off restart, dead zone compensation, automatic torque compensation, online modification parameter, high-speed impulse input, simple PLC and traverse.



Product Name:CMAX-VCG15/P18.5T3 ~ CMAX-VCG18.5/P22T3





Textile: coarse spinner, spinning frame, wrap-knitting machine, loom, knitting machine, silk-spinning machine, etc.


Plastic: extruder, hauling machine, decorating machine, etc.


Pharmacy: mixer, roaster, etc.


Woodworking: engraving machine, sander, veneer peeling lathe, etc.


Papermaking: single type papermaking machine, etc.


Machine tool: non-core grinding machine, optical lens grinding machine, cutting mill, etc.


Printing: cloth-washing machine, dye vat, etc.


Cement: feeder, air blower, rotary furnace, mixer, crusher, etc


Fan and pump: kinds of fans, blowers and pumps







Input voltage


Input frequency



Output voltage

0~input voltage

Output frequency


Peripheral interface characteristics

Programmable digital input

4 switch input, 1 high-speed impulse input

Programmable analog input

AI1: 0~10V input

AI2: 0~10V input or 0~20mA input,

Programmable open collector


2 Output

(3.7kW and above: 1 Open collector output)

Relay Output

1 Output (3.7kW and above: 2 Relay output)

Analog output

2 Output, one is 0~10V,

another is 0~20mA or 0~10V


Display:5-digit 8-section LED (Red), 2 indicators; parameter setting: 8 keys (including multi-function hot key ), 1 potentiometer

Technical performance characteristics

Control mode

All digital space voltage vector SVPWM algorism

Overload capacity

G purpose: 150% rated current 60s

P purpose: 120% rated current 60s

Speed ratio

1: 100

Carrier frequency


Torque compensation

Linear, multi-point, 1.3th power, 1.7th  power, 2.0th power reduced torque; Compensation voltage range: automatic compensation and manual compensation 0.1~10%

Automatic voltage adjustment

It can automatically maintain output voltage constant when grid voltage fluctuates.

Automatic current adjustment

When the current is over current limit, under clocking automatically limits output current.

Function characteristics

Frequency setting mode

Keypad digital analog input, keypad potentiometer, impulse frequency, communication, multi-step speed and simple PLC, PID setting and so on, switch-over of setting modes.

Simple PLC,

multi-step speed control

16-step speed control

Special function

Traverse control, length control, time control


User-defined multi-function hot key

Protection function

Over-current, Over voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, phase failure, over-load and motor over-load

Working condition

Installation site

Indoor, altitude of less than 1km, dust free, non-corrosive gases, no direct sunlight

Application environment

-10°C~+40°C, 20~90%RH (no dew)


Less than 0.5g

Storage temperature


Installation type

Wall-mounted type, floor cabinet type

Cooling mode

Air-forced cooling



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Q:What is the difference between frequency converter and servo driver?
The general use of the situation, such as high-speed, high-precision positioning equipment, servo, high power speed control using frequency conversion.Like the central air conditioning system, elevators and so on, many places use frequency conversion; like the textile machine, the placement machine, the plug-in machine uses the servo. In fact, many cases are used in conjunction with the two systems, according to the needs of the design arrangements.
Q:Inverter switch display poff
When detecting the phase - lacking circuit, the phase - blank board is directly tested, and the PL signal on the drive board is normal. Normally, the PL is low, the phase is Fang Bo, and the power is high when the power is switched off. It is important to note that the PL signal output by the drive board or the phase blank panel is not sent to the CPU after the level switch has been passed on the main control board, and it should be noted that the fault is caused by the main board or the missing phase board during maintenance.
Q:What does 0L1 stand for?
Inverter 0L1 stands for frequency converter fault code: OL1: motor overload (OL1) fault for the output current exceeds the overload capacity of the motor, then need to reduce the load.
Q:How can I control the frequency converter with a computer?
The use of single-chip to control the inverter can choose the last two kinds of methods, the use of communication control, the utility model has the advantages of full control function, suitable for inverter through the level conversion circuit form of communication (RS484/RS232/CAN), you can communicate with the inverter hardware is simple, the number of connections between the two less convenient connection. The disadvantage is that we need to understand the communication protocol of frequency converter to control programming, and the software design is complicated. The inverter communication interface and communication protocol of different brands are different, there is no uniform standard, only for a converter for development, narrowing the selection range of the frequency converter varieties, the applicability is limited. As for the analog input control, can support almost all of the inverter is, although the function is relatively simple, but the main function can realize speed, can meet the use requirements of the majority of occasions, universal.
Q:What's the difference between universal inverter and fan pump converter?
Fan and pump load:In a variety of fans, pumps, oil pumps, with the rotation of the impeller, the air or liquid within a certain speed range of resistance is roughly proportional to the speed of the 2 side of the n. As the speed decreases, the torque decreases by 2 times the speed. The power required for this kind of load is proportional to the 3 power of the velocity. When the required air volume and flow rate are reduced, the frequency and speed of air flow can be regulated by the frequency converter, so the energy can be saved substantially. Because the power required at high speed increases with the speed, and is proportional to the speed of the three side, so the fan and pump load should not be used in the ultra power frequency operation
Q:What are the key points of frequency converter maintenance?
1., regular cleaningAlways check the frequency converter regularly and keep the environment clean and dry. It is strictly prohibited to place sundries near the frequency converter, and someone should regularly clean the frequency converter, blow it out, keep the cleanliness of the converter and the ventilation of the air duct.2. treatment methodsIf it is found within the inverter or radiator plate dust and debris falling into, should promptly use compressed air to blow off. Clean air filter, cooling air duct and interior dust. When it is found that the conductor and insulator have corrosion, it should be promptly cleaned with alcohol.For continuously running inverters, the running state can be visually checked from outside. Periodically inspect the converter and check if there is any abnormality when the converter is running. The following tests should normally be carried out:
Q:How to solve the interference problem of frequency converter?
In the complex electromagnetic environment, AnyWay advocates the idea of digital front end, that is, in the vicinity of being measured, the signal will be digitized, and then the uploaded information will be uploaded to the host computer through digital communication. Digital transmission is much better than analog transmission in anti-interference ability. If the electromagnetic interference is very large, the transmission line can be changed into optical fiber transmission. In this way, the transmission link can completely avoid interference.
Q:Can 220V use frequency converter to drive three-phase motor with 380V?
Can not. The inverter is not step-up, single-phase 220V AC frequency converter into it is three-phase 220V AC motor is connected if your star angle connection can be changed, if the corner there's no way, after the motor power will be reduced about 4/10.
Q:What is the function of a frequency converter on an electric motor?
Mainly for AC motor speed regulation, but also is a smooth stepless speed regulation. You can also implement some specific controls.
Q:Frequency converter closed loop control, frequency converter must use PG card?
Using PG card of frequency converter to realize closed loop vector controlFor example, vertical motion loads, such as cranes and elevators, require closed-loop vector controlIn this case, the frequency converter must install the PG card, and the encoder signal will be connected to the PG card, using the frequency converterPID instruction.In this application, the PID function module of PLC can not realize the vector control function.

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