ABC 3-Layer Film Blowing Tri-Extrusion Machinery Blown Film Machinery

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Product Description:

1.Product Name:

ABC 3-Layer Blown Film Tri-Extrusion Machine


2.Use and characteristics&features:
1.films are widely used in civil and industrial for packing
2.good quality and high speed

This 3-Layer (A/B/C) Blown Film Tri-Extrusion Machine is applicable for the production of protective film, liquid film, shrink film, logistics bags, cooking bags.

3.Main Technical Parameter:

Content    \    Model3 -SJ45-1200 Units
Applicable MaterialLDPE,LLDPE
Max. Film Width1100MM
Film  Thickness 0.035 - 0.15MM
Screw  Diameter 3 -φ45MM
Screw  L/D Ratio 28:1L/D
Screw & Barrel Material38Cr MoAlA
Die Diameterφ250MM
Temperature Controller3×4+2=14Zone
Barrel Temperature Controller3×4Zone
Die Temperature Controller2Zone
Heaters Power25KW
Barrel Cooling Fan Power0.12 × 2× 3KW
Main  Motor Power11 × 3KW
Air Ring Diameter φ380MM
Cooling Blower Power 2.2KW
Take-up Roller Width 1200MM
Take-up Motor Power1.5KW
Take-up Speed  8 - 90M/Min
Rewinding Roller Width 1200MM
Max.Rewinding Diameter600MM
Rewinding Motor Power
Machine Size CM
Net/Gross  Weight KG
Frame Height M

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