60W Power Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

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$1.00 - 20.00 / pc
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China Main Port
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1000 Pieces pc
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3000 Pieces per Day pc/month

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Product Description:

Rechargeable vacuum cleaner


Rechargeable vacuum cleaner ,Portable Vacuum cleaner, Cordless vacuum cleaner

a)Rechargeable vacuum cleaner for cordless operation;

b)9.6V and 60W power for long time powerful cordless using;
c)With Crevice nozzle and furniature brush;

d)Store easier charger base with multifunction;             

e)With decorative light for luxury design 




Output voltage:9.6V DC


Net weight:2.7KGS

Grosss weight:3.4KGS


Loading quantity:720pcs/20' 1696pcs/40'HQ



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Q:if the universe is a vacuum, can you take a bunch of vacuums switched to "reverse" and expand the universe?
Are you talking about vacuum *cleaners*? Calling one a vacuum is just a diminutive colloquialism. You did know that didn't you? You are correct, though, in that the vacuum is something that can be expanded as opposed to the nothing that those who take it for granted assume it to be. It has properties like length, width, breadth, and time, which all inflated during by the Big Bang, and are expanding still. Nothing, by contrast, has no properties.
Q:What is the difference between Aerus vacuum cleaners and Electrolux vacuum cleaners (sold in big box stores)?
Aerus machines are made in China and are not the same as Electrolux. The ones you see online and in stores are made by Electrolux. Designs and technology has changed over the years, similar to Ford. You would no longer find the Model T in production or a new Ford that looks like the model T. Check out the new <a href=s-1-electrolux.aspxElectrolux Vacuums</a on Electroluxs website.
Q:Is a Hoover type S vacuum cleaner bag the same as a Eureka type S vacuum cleaner bag?
Eureka Mighty Mite Vacuum Bags
Q:Do you think working a job selling vacuum cleaners would be a sucky job?
Wow dude, that's hilarious.
Q:What Industrial techniques and Materials are used to make the Dyson Cyclone and Ball Vacuum cleaners?
Various polymers and injection molding. THe motor will use copper wire, which was drawn. Look on their website for more info.
Q:How come Hulk Hogan never got an endorsement deal with Brother Vacuum Cleaners, Brother?
Or Brother printers neither. Strange. You're right.
Q:vacuum cleaners in space?
no, you need matter to make a vacuum and space has no gas or pressure for this to happen. nothing would be moving. you need gas to produce the suction which produce the vacuum
Q:Platform arcade game with vacuum cleaners?
in the event that they scouse borrow a Dyson vacuum cleanser...why no longer? permit me only plug my new Dyson into my buddies ability grant and wallah! vacuuming with a Dyson is the hot borrowing gray Poupon™ out of your buddies Bently..yay!
Q:Any Toy Vacuum Cleaners that actually pick stuff up?
Junior Hoover Upright Vacuum Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum
Q:Are the kirby Vacuum cleaners really a good investment?
Probably not. Kirby is a good machine - but you got to figure there's a bunch of old ones around which have held up really well - and you can have them cheap. People want a new machine. So put out the word that you want an old Kirby.. And don't let these pieces of crap make you feel guilty!!!! This is how they sell vacuum cleaners. I remember our psychology professor telling us this specifically.... he said that to sell anything door to door, you have to learn how to make a person feel guilty for something. DON'T fall for it. There's old Hoovers around too - and they're a good machine. Often you can get a really old one - from as far back as the 50's - and get a new beater bar for it, repair the bag, oil the motor and away you go.

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