2014 Popular Office Chair A505 from Fortune Global 500 compoany

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30000 pc/month

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 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Export packing carton:5-ply


packing carton size: 96*38.5*58 cm

Carton N.W:13.8 kg  G.W:15.5 kg

Delivery Detail:30-35days


metal office chair/manager chair/office chair 
1. PU or cow split leather cover seat cushions
2. mesh material also is feasible
3. Soft padded chrome armrest

4. Butterfly mechanism or multi-function mechansim also is feasible meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard 
5. EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard Gas-lift tested by TUV

6. Top quality chrome base meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard

7. Nylon castors EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard


PRODUCT SIZE: W60*D58*H117-127cm




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Q:WWE Pay Per View Chair?
If its a floor seat, yes. If its a regular nailed to the ground seat, no.
Q:Can you rent wheel chairs in disneyland?
If they don't have some place to rent wheel chairs 'America's Disabilities Act' won't give them a green light to keep the park open. Special needs have the rights to enjoy the attractions with us as well. The answer: 100% 'yes'.
Q:how do i rent a chair?
If you don't have clients, it is not a good idea to rent a chair. You should work at a salon where you are paid hourly. Most will do this until you have acquired some clients and then you can switch to renting a chair. When you do rent a chair, just remember you are completely responsible for everything- the products, insurance, probably the use of the reception. Good luck.
Q:Falling off of the chair?
i'd practice at homee. just step on and off of a random chairr. try not to step on it too forcefully. step somewhat in the middle of the chair so it doesn't end up falling to the side or something. also, if you practice your dance a lot at the studio, you can get use to stepping on an off.
Q:What's a sex chair??
In any case.. to actually answer the question... A sex chair is a type of sex toy. Essentially, you are restrained in it but are left free to have sex. Think of a hammock but fashioned into more of a chair. Typically it would be hung from a ceiling or such and once you are in it your feet wouldn't touch the ground. Your hands may or may not be bound. Your feet are attached but as you can guess, its easy to be spread open in it. The guy would normally put you at waist height for him so that he could stand while performing. They give you a rather helpless feeling to be in one, but some people like that kinda thing. It would rather suck to be killed in one tho... there really wouldn't be anything you could do to defend yourself once you were in the chair.
Q:A chair of weight 125 N lies atop a horizontal floor; the floor is not frictionless.?
The solution to this problem is the sum of the vertical forces exerted by the chair on the floor. This can be shown in the equation Fn = Fc + Fp where Fn = total normal force exerted by the chair on the floor, Fc = weight of the chair = 125 N, and Fp is the vertical component of force F applied to the chair. If you do a free body diagram and draw a force triangle you will see the following: cos(38°) = Fp / F; solve for Fp gives F * cos (38°) = Fp, putting in the numbers gives 45.0 N * cos(38°) = Fp 27.7 N = Fp Solve for Fn by using the known and calculated values as follows: Fn = Fc + Fp Fn = 125N + 27.7N Fn = 152.7N = the normal force that the chair exerts on the floor = the normal force that the floor exerts on the chair since the floor must exert a force that is equal to and opposite the normal force from the chair. I hope this helps.
Q:Where was the Queen Anne (English) chair first manufactured?
The chairs were designed for Her Majesty's comfort and would have been designed and erected by the Master Carver of the Royal household. It incorporates cabriole legs which comes from ancient China. During the reign of Queen Anne the master carver and joiner of the Royal Household was a Charles Hopson, although the chair may not be primarily designed by him. Hopson, who was later knighted to become Sir Charles Hopson, is also responsible for much of the woodwork in St. Paul's Cathedral. I'm afraid, this is all the information I am aware of.
Q:Forced to sit in chairs at library?
If they had easy chairs at one time in your school library, then they must of been removed or pulled out of the library. If you just settled down anywhere as you said, then it was changed to sitting in a chair. There must have been abuses seen somewhere in the library that the school librarian was asked or asked the school. administrators to have changed. If you want to know why there was a change, ask the librarian or your school counselor, they will know. Good luck.
Q:Denver Observers Chair?
Yes okorder.com/
Q:PC gaming chair suggestions?
Look like you are going to spend a lot of time on your chair. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for a high quality one. I work from and and the cheap ikea one i used to have give me back pain Look for one with Lumber support. It will help protect your lower back I have the one from Lindo. 109 with free shipping from amazon. It looks cool and really comfortable. It has a head rest too so it is prefect for gaming

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