Mesh Fabric Office Meeting Chair with Solid Color

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Product Description:

Mesh Fabric Office Meeting Chair with Solid Color

Structure of Products Description:

We are always working for office with "Health, Environmental, luxury, Intelligent"; On design, we care for humanity office space, Environmental protection, Convenient, Efficient and Comfortable; On products, we take material which match international standard; For many years, we are honored with AAA credit company. Not only do we provide our customers with technological superiority, but also quality advantage. With a skilled R&D department, we consistently strive to introduce new products to fill our customers’ needs. In addition, strict quality management policy is followed such as rigorous inspections conducted by professional engineers, so our customers receive only 100% qualified office furniture.

Our products have been proven to be practical and economical. Its durability, low initial cost, and ability to be reconfigured and updated easily add up to savings as you maintain an effective office space. We have strict quality control department to ensure all the goods to be right & correct delivery to customers. We will try our best to reply to you within 24 hours, normally a lot sooner, if your inquiry is very urgent.

Main Features of Products:

-Automatic Flexible Lumbar Support System

-Headrest Height Adjustment

-Backrest Tilt Angle Adjustment, Quick or Slight Tilt Tension Adjustment, Height Adjustment

-Lumbar Support Height Adjustment

-Armrest Height Adjustment

-Arm Pad Angle Adjustment, Forward and Backward Adjustment

-Seat Height Adjustment, Depth Adjustment, Gradient Adjustment

Products Images:

Mesh Fabric Office Meeting Chair with Solid Color

Mesh Fabric Office Meeting Chair with Solid Color

Mesh Fabric Office Meeting Chair with Solid Color

Mesh Fabric Office Meeting Chair with Solid Color

Products Specification:


Office Furniture

Specific Use:

Office Chair





-High elasticity Korea meshes back and seat.

-4D adjustable arms with rotating soft PU pad.

-Aluminum synchronized-tilting mechanism with 5 locked positions, back can be tilted and locked from any angles.

-High quality imported gas lift, more durable and security.

-Polished aluminum five star based with PU castors.


Functional mechanism, aluminum, armrest PU cover

Color options:

Black, White, Gray, Red, Yellow etc.


CKD, inner PE foam, 5 Layer Brown Paper Cartons


Chair with adjustable neck rest; adjustable lumbar support; Mesh or fabric for back and seat, sliding waterfall design

Details Image:

Mesh Fabric Office Meeting Chair with Solid Color


Why choose us?

-Directly factory with competitive price and quality control

-Professional advice to help you purchase the products you wanted

-Professional export service team servers in the deal.

-Customization service is available, OEM business is appreciated.

-We will inspect and test all products material carefully to ensure no damage and lost.

-The success of our cooperation can be guaranteed for our company is a credible and honest partner.


How about the quality?

Our normal material of MDF and MFC is with E1 standard. All oil paint we use is enviropaints. All kinds of Certification are available. All the material could be customized.


How about the payment term?

30% T/T before production, 70% T/T balance against B/L copy. L/C at sight. L/C after sight 60 days. Other payment term could be discussed with specific orders.


Could we choose color for office chair according our requirement?
Surely, you are allowed to choose the fabric colors from our standard color swatch. And also you can provide the suitable fabric materials yourself.

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I usually lay/sit on my bed while I'm playing, and now it's deforming my mattress. You either have something horribly wrong with your mattress or you spend waaaay to much time laying on it. The answer to your question is going to depend on several things. Size and layout of the room. Game console/TV or computer. Wireless controls or wired. If it's a console/TV setup how big is the TV and how high off the floor is it. If you have a computer, or a television that's 24 inches or more off the floor, it's best to get an ergonomic office chair with adjustable arm rests and lumbar support. If you have a game console/TV setup and it's close to the floor (no more than 18 inches off the floor), then you have several options. Personally I like a large overstuffed bean bag chair. It's easy to move, conforms to my body, and I can easily change positions. Gaming rockers can be really nice too if they are made right. Do a google search and you will find a huge selection. Last but not least, the good old reclining rocker you grampa uses should be really comfortable. But getting it to fit in your room could be an issue, especially if he's still sitting in it.
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Q:Where can I find History of Metal Lawn Chairs and Metal Tulip Chairs?
This furniture is a symbol of the simpler times that followed the first world war. Previously, American designers had copied European steamer chairs, or French bistro chairs. The first companies to manufacture metal gliders and swings were The J.R. Bedding Company, in Philadelphia and Howell Manufacturing, whose designs were a rage at the 1939 World Fair! One of the first designers to create a chair that was marketed to the masses was Viktor Schreckengost, an eclectic inventor also responsible for the design of metal children's pushcars and bicycles for the recently defunct Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company (A distant relative informed me recently that their family name, popular in western PA, means scary ghost!) His Beverly Hills model, sold through Sears Roebuck during WWII, can still be found across the country. Schreckengost designed the chair by offering a free drink to all 428 workers at the Murray plant in return for their participation in its creation. Each plant worker sat on the lid of a barrel layered with 8 inches of clay covered with plastic. The prototype was created, the first metal die-cut made, and when the war ended sales flourished. The joyous optimism of the nation was reflected in the c-0-0-0-l new color choices: red, lime, lavender, canary yellow and blue. It's lines were sleek and modern, much like the polished chrome and tubular steel evident in everything from baby buggies to mixmasters. Victor Just died this January
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