1E Class K3 Category Nuclear Power Station Used Signal Cable with Voltage up to 0.6/1kV

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    This  product is used in the 1E class K3 category nuclear power station  signal control system outside the secure covering with voltage up to  0.6/1kV. In which system it can insure stop of the reactor under the  earthquake load, separation of the secure cover, cooling of the center  of reactor emergently, heat vent in the reactor, and can prevent the  radioactive particle to enter the surrounding environment.



Rated voltage


Number of core

Nominal cross-section of the conductor



PYJYP3  K3、PYJYP2/23  K3

PYJYP3/23  K3







Main technical parameter

1、Burning performance

(1)Halogen gas emission test: pH value≥4.3,conductivity≤10μS/mm;

(2)smoke density test, light transparent rate≥60%;

(3)Flame retardant test, cable can pass the bundle burning test regulated in IEC60332-3和GB/T18380.3.

(4)Insulated core can pass the single vertical burning test regulated in GB/T18380.1.

(5)As per NES713, the toxicity index shall less than 2.5.

(6)Thermal life assess test, cable can pass the 40 years thermal life assess test as per IEC60216 and IEEE383.

2、Electrical performance

(1)D.C resistance of the conductor can comply with stipulation in GB/T3956.

(2)Voltage test

Category of test

A.C voltage


Test time


core to core

core to the earth




(3)20℃时不小于3000MΩ·km;60℃时不小于30MΩ·km;90℃时不小于3MΩ·km。Insulating resistance constant Ki: will not exceed 3000MΩ·km at 20℃, will not exceed 30MΩ·km at 60℃, will not exceed 3MΩ·km at 90℃.


1、Cable is halogen free and low smoke, and so has environment protection and sanitary characteristic;

2、It adopts the dual layer insulation structure;

3、Cable has a large light transparent rate;

4、Cable has excellent flame retardant performance;

5、Cable has a long usage life, its design and actual working life will not less than 40 years;

6、Cable has excellent heat aging resistant and weather aging performance;

7、Cable has excellent high and low temperature insulation performance;

8、Cable has good content compatibility and rip resistant.

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