10000Mah Solar Cell Phone Charger For Mini Ipad, Iphone 5 5S,Samsung Galaxy

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$1.00 - 15.00 / pc
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100 Pieces pc
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Week pc/month

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1. Input:DC 5V/1A
2. Output: 5V 1A, 5V 2A
3. Capacty:10000mAh
4. Size: 120 x 75 x 21mm
5. Weight: 290g
6. Color: Black,silver
7. Self-charging time through USB: 10 hours
    Self-charging time through sunshine: 40 hours
8. Short-circuit protection (it will stop work if short-circuit)
     Over-charge protection
     Over-disharge protection
9. Material: metal casing
10. Solar panel: 0.6W
11. Warranty: 1 year
1PC Portable  solar power bank 10000mAh
1PC USB charging Cable
4pc connectors for mobile ( iphone/ipad, mini usb, micro usb, nokia)

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Q:Playstation 3 power cable/AC cable question?
the ps3 does take that standard 3 prong cable.
Q:no extra power cables for graphics card?
i does not subject with a GT220 or GT240, they are not lots better if no longer worse than the cardboard you have already. those are not gaming enjoying cards, they're particularly for video accelerating etc. Get a HD 4850 in case you will stumble on one, if no longer maybe a HD 5750 which grants comparable overall performance, yet i does not bypass above this as you will start to be bottlenecked via your processor. maximum enjoying cards merely take one 6pin connection, the only exception being the perfect end enjoying cards such because of the fact the Nvidia GTX 470 or ATI HD 5870. desire i've got helped ;)
Q:Power Cable for a Hanns-G Monitor?
This is a standard item. Go to an electrical/electronic/computer shop with the old one.
Q:The difference between the instrument cable and the low voltage power cable
Meaning the cross-sectional area of the wire, the unit is square mm; for example: 4 square copper wire, the cross-sectional area of the wire is 4 square millimeters, copper wire;
Q:Do I need to replace my coaxial cable after a power surge?
No, it's not likely the coaxial cable, it's likely just the modem that went bad. In fact, the modem itself might be fine, you may just need to replace its power brick. Call up the modem's manufacturer and ask them if they can't send you a new power brick for it. It's not unusual that only one thing on a powerstrip went bad, it might have been the first thing in series on that power strip, and it took the brunt of the lightening strike, saving all of the rest of the items on that power strip.
Q:Antec Nine Hundered 24Pin Power Cable Length?
pretty much all cables on a psu is long enough to reach any mobo in any case (assuming its the correct form factor)
Q:what connects a monitor to the processing unit?
The monitor needs a power cable and a data cable. The data cable will plug in to the video socket on your PC.
Q:Are the 20 to 24 pin motherboard power cables safe?
You are confused between AT and ATX. As described by pdl756 the power connections are different and two plugs. Another big difference was the AC went from the PSU to the Start switch on the P.C case and back to the PSU for switch on. AXT started with a 20 pin power plug and later to a 24 pin power plug. Your link shows that converter from 20 to 24 pin but it was not needed for long because PSU manufacturers provided a 20 plug plus a 4 pin clamp on extension
Q:How durable is a ps3 slim power cable?
they would last for years if you dont pull them or stomp on them... they are that good!
Q:Question about replacing the power supply?
The HDD power cable has no clips, the SATA cable usually does though. The ATX power cable especially (20/24pin) will give quite a lot of resistance, just make sure to keep pushing the clip down while pulling up equally, meanwhile, keep an eye on the motherboard, it'll flex and bend as you pull it up, but yes, you will have to pull quite hard to get things out, harder than you would normally think, I was the same as you, I keep thinking if I pull/push too hard or force things they'll break, but components are far more robust and resistant than you think.

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