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How to do LED stage lighting marketing
Your outdoor lamps are looking for companies with municipal lighting qualifications. They are bidding for municipal and building lighting, and will buy outdoor light sources and line light sources.Indoor, such as PAR lights, you can also promote the design of those buildings, so that they put your products in the building design drawings, there will be good promotion effect.Stage lighting is a special lighting appliance, which can be popularized only in theaters, TV stations, performance companies and so on.How to promote to customers, let them choose your product, rely on your language skills and perseverance, let customers know you, remember you, you have the opportunity. In order to one percent possible, to pay one hundred percent of the effort, the beginning is difficult, but to the back will be more and more smooth.
LED stage lamp status and development prospects?
At present, LED outdoor lighting has been saturated, mainly to develop indoor ordinary family LED lighting (instead of fluorescent)!
How to make the current stage lamps meet the safety standard requirements?
In the fast developing modern society of science and technology, energy saving, environmental protection and green has become a hot topic for all of us. Energy saving, environmental protection and green LED have also become the elves of stage lighting industry. With the development of the industry, the use of LED stage lamps instead of the traditional stage lamps has become a trend.
What are the types of stage lights?
Shake head, light, beam light, dyeing light, light lamp, handkerchief lamp, laser lamp, etc.
Personally, the effect of the laser light on the stage is better than the LED light
That's for sure.LED mainly for the display background can also be characterized by power saving, long life, small heat, and occasionally a few bad LED, does not affect the overall use.But for the need to irradiate or emit light effects, the current LED effect is very common.
Why is this rustic domestic lighting LED screen so ignore simply by creating a lighting atmosphere?
Chinese engage with foreigners in the party is not the same, the culture is different, the choreography requirements are also different, with large LED screen is the market demand.There are certain factors to follow the trend, the CCTV party LED large screen of the beautiful effect, stimulating the market demand, many party a party, LED big screen must have.Rental companies rent lights, and then rent LED large screen, you can earn a lot of rent
LED stage lamp three, LED stage lamp features
The performance of LED stage lights is closely integrated with LED technology. The colors are rich, red, green, blue, and three colors can be blended into 16 million 700 thousand different colors.