Stage Lighting And Sound

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Personally, the effect of the laser light on the stage is better than the LED light
The laser light is used to show the halo is not essential. LED is the main background lighting up atmosphere can be the change you want to place any one color to set off on the stage show the audience can see if there is no LED laser light, even the most basic lighting can't hit you up to show the audience even the people there do not see of course if you 3-5W or larger laser light put more points in addition to say but a 3W of at least 50 thousand yuan is mainly used to perform laser light
What are the types of stage lights?
Shake head, light, beam light, dyeing light, light lamp, handkerchief lamp, laser lamp, etc.
Why is this rustic domestic lighting LED screen so ignore simply by creating a lighting atmosphere?
Productions are not the same, the use of the equipment, and now the general theater in the performance, because of the equipment now, the basic began to use the LED screen in the background, but the drama, musicals and other special repertoire, or to use traditional props, with lighting effects
How to do LED stage lighting marketing
Take your time. First, promote it online... Efforts will reap.
How to make the current stage lamps meet the safety standard requirements?
Rising temperature causes LED internal resistance to decrease. When the ambient temperature rises, the LED light source resistance can be reduced, if the voltage stabilized power supply will cause the working current of the LED increased, when exceeding the rated current, LED will affect the service life of the product, serious will LED light source "burned out", so we should choose constant current source power supply, to ensure that the working current of LED not to be influenced by external temperature.
LED stage lamp status and development prospects?
At present, LED outdoor lighting has been saturated, mainly to develop indoor ordinary family LED lighting (instead of fluorescent)!
LED stage lamp three, LED stage lamp features
High life, the theoretical service life of up to 100 thousand hours, compared with the traditional stage lighting, LED stage lights in 2014 on the market prices high.