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Can the cement pressure plate be made of sanitary partitions?
Can do cement pressure plate itself is not very harmless to the human body
How much is the cement board?
Good and bad can not say that you use there. It is in the construction and decoration are used on a wide range of .For example, the bathroom grid wall building exterior to do the shape. Fine decoration useful to make it decorative layer, the pursuit of some special The artistic effect.
how do i install stone veneer over cement board?
What kind of stone? Interior or exterior? If interior, what room? Is the stone rough or has it been cut to tiles? Pretty broad question. Please provide more details.
The floor is on a raised foundation and we were told that there are 2 options: float it on thin set or use a concrete back board. Is there any perference to one over the other? I don't want the tile to crack.
Float it on thin set. Concrete board is used for countertops, showers, tubs, e.t.c. The tile should be just fine if the house is built according to code. If you find spots that flex or move or squick when you step on them, you should fix these spots first. Good luck!!!
Outdoor doors of the aluminum-plastic plate can be directly in the waterproof cement board paste it?
can. But when the aluminum-plastic plate, then a long time will be knocked up. After all, the wind and sun is just a matter of glue
I have installed cement board ceiling & after painting i found cracks in joints of board.How can i rectify it?
well u do put cement board in a shower ceiling.....but not somewhere to paint it........maybe u ment sheetrock!..u have to tape and mud the joints... lic. gen. contractor
Will the decoration of the cement board with the kind of thin how many species
Decorated with a paper gypsum board, calcium silicate board (cement board). The latter is relatively strong but can be used for ceiling partition, the former ceiling of the latter more than cut off.
Or only where the ceramic tile floor will be installed. Should the pan just sit on the 5/8 wood subfloor?
Definitely use the cement board. 5/8 Plywood is really crappy subfloor. It just has too much give. The minimum should be 3/4 and 1 1/8 is ideal for a floor that won't dip, sag or cause tile to crack.