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Should the tape measure be listed in the company's quality department measuring instruments? In quality management systems, what about the management of consumables such as tape measure? Is there a standard?
1. whether to be included in the survey book depends on the use of tape measure, if it is to measure the product or process key, size or parameter will be included.2. if it is listed, calibration accuracy shall be determined and MSA (measurement system analysis) shall be conducted as required.3. tape measure generally can not guarantee the accuracy is very high, few enterprises as measuring tools to control.
What brand of tape measure is better quality?
The Great Wall Seiko is good, I used the best quality
How do you measure a tape measure, with a bar between centimeters and centimeters?. How about centimeters, centimeters and millimeters?.
One large bar is one centimeter
What's the working principle of a tape measure that automatically shrinks back? It's best to give a schematic of the structure!
The first solution a little basic knowledge: the same shape of the object may be completely different stress state, such as the two springs on the instrument, may look as like as two peas, but actually different, one of them is completely relaxed, the other one is affected by a large force is compressed to such shape, there should be great force.The same concave section of the iron sheet, in the extension of the time is very different:Tape measure is very simple, basically in a relaxed state, originally this piece of iron, he is so shape. The concave surface is favorable for keeping shape and is difficult to deform.The thing you say can be wrapped around the arm is different. When stretched, it is not relaxed, and its original face should be curly. It is like straightening a coiled steel wire with a greater internal stress. It must use other forces to overcome its internal stress so as to prevent it from curling again and keeping it straight. The concave has just been said to have this ability. Therefore, the concave surface overcomes the tendency of the steel sheet to curl and maintains the straight extension state. Once the curl occurs, the concave tends to become flat, and the ability to maintain the extension decreases and the ability to curl exceeds the ability to maintain the extension, resulting in a steady state of the sheet as a whole.If you say a little more about it, the system is bistable. This is very common in life, such as beverage bottle, usually is a kind of stable state by hand pinch the concave is still stable, want to get out of the hollow place may also is not easy, want to take place also to convex pit big force.
In building construction, how can the level and steel tape be identified? What else do you need to identify? Who can say the process?
And the theodolite and total identification, need to spend money, you get or have a bureau of Surveying and Mapping Surveying and Mapping Center of PLA, oh, this is Zhengzhou, or else you have to sell the instrument shop, they also have tube identification of the two places, they also help you get ahead of that same price. You save me, before the seven street government Guanghan instruments made it convenient..
Younger brother wants to buy helmet in Taobao. The tape measure is 57 centimeters. How much is the waistline ruler?
57/33=1 feet 727, about 1 feet 7
A lot of tape measures mark these two lengths individually. What's the meaning of these two lengths?
I noticed that, but I didn't get the answer
What is the maximum measuring range of tape measure?
It's about 300 meters.