zin powder zin powder 99.97% ZIN RECLAIMED CEMENTED CARBIDE POWDER

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Base Metal: 99.995% Special High Grade Zinc Ingot Metal     


Zinc ingots are primarily used in Galvanizing process. The quality of galvanizing depends on the quality of zinc ingots used in the process and hence we ensure that our customers get the  best available LME brands of Zinc  from us.
We can offer these ingots in lot  multiples of 25 MT. Packing is in the form of 25 bundles of 1 MT each and each bundle contains 40 ingots.




Brand NameLME Registered
Zn (Min)99.995%
QuantityIn Multiples of 25MT
Quantity Tolerance2%
Alloy or Not Non-alloy
Secondary or Not Non-secondary 
Minimum Order Quantity 25 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
Supply Ability1000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Packaging DetailsOne Ton Bundles of 40 Ingots (Each Ingot of 25 Kg)

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