Woodpulp Laminated Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric, Wood Pulp Nonwoven

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Eco-friendly Polypropylene PET Spunbond Non-woven Fabrics Made in China


Woodpulp Laminated Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric, Wood Pulp Nonwoven

Woodpulp Laminated Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric, Wood Pulp Nonwoven

Woodpulp Laminated Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric, Wood Pulp Nonwoven

 Our products have been widely used in the field of medical& sanitary, industry &agriculture, and construction &daily-used products such as agriculture plant covers, roof waterproof materials, disposable items for medical and industrial applications, liners for furniture, lining in cases,apparel, warm facilities, bedding products, sofas, packing materials, packing material land mulriple cloth shopping bags, suits and garment covers, Industrial protective coveralls, garment accessory materials, bed articles, medical and sanitary articles as well.  

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Nonwoven Advantage:


1.  Light: Polypropylene is the main raw material; specific gravity is 0.9, is only third five, fleecy and touches well.

2.  Flexibility: made up of microfiber (2-3D), dot by dot thermo-melt formed. Flexibility of products is suitable, comfortable.

3.  Water resistance and breathability: slices of Polypropylene and finished products resist water, breathable and easy to maintain and wash.

4. Non-toxic, non-irritating: made of materials which catch up FDA standard, without other chemical composition, stable, non-toxic, no smell, safe for sensitive skin.
5. Anti-bacterial, anti-chemical: Polypropylene is blunt chemical substances can protect in liquid from bacterial and insects; antibacterial, alkali corrosion, erosion and the finished product will not affect sensitive skin.


Q: What standards are you carrying out for your products?
A: We produce according to the ISO9001 and ISO14001 rules.

Q: How to install the machine?
A: We will arrange 1~2 engineers to your factory to guide installation and assembly.

Q: What’s your international market?
A: We Have exported to about 40 countries and regions all around the world, such as, the USA, France, Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Brazil, Peru and so on. 

Q: Do you sell steel shot or steel grit which can be uses in shot blasting machine?
A: We have four production lines for steel shot and steel grit production, one work shop for steel cut wire shots, and one workshop for stainless steel shot and Aluminium shot and so on. 
Q: Do you have the right to export?
A: Yes, we registered in the Customs and gained the right to export by ourselves.

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Q:What are the processes of dyeing and finishing of textiles?
Different raw materials processing process is not exactly the same, the specific operation of specific raw materials.
Q:The difference between double distribution and processing in textile fabrics
Processing - the fabric is your own to buy, you get inside the factory processing
Q:What is the whole process of textile and apparel trade?
The control of the process alone to study the British embroidery and other treatment methods, such as fabric mercerizing, washing, tie dyeing, etc. (HTP orders on the British embroidery no detailed information, even in the original proofing even when printing color, printing size is not clear instructions , The customer has only one request: the effect is good on the line
Q:Development of Textile Fibers.
From the domestic economic environment, domestic demand will become an important driving force for industry growth. At present, about 80% of Chinese textile consumption in the country. With the sustained and rapid growth of the domestic economy, the stability of residents' income will boost the further development of the domestic market.
Q:Textile machine, I should use single-phase power or three-phase electricity
Production capacity and what kind of relationship you use it, and your productivity and equipment utilization relationship is quite big, the motor is not that, but I feel with three-phase motor will be more convenient (if you want to reverse the words One-way will be more trouble than the three-phase)
Q:The Factors Affecting the Capillary Effect of Textile Garment
Whether to use hydrophilic additives, such as fixing agents, softeners, smoothing agents and so on
Q:Application of Biological Enzyme in Textile Processing?
Laccase in the textile processing applications: laccase is an oxidoreductase, Connaught letter of the company's Denilit II S is through the genetically modified Aspergillus niger laccase, can be cowboy clothing antique finishing process, get the fabric feel thick , Smooth surface, vouchers, bright color, elegant.
Q:Are hats a class of textile and apparel products?
Jewelry and hats to see your sales channels and the market to judge. As far as I know, Chinese jewelry is rarely exported, the quality and color are different, but the Chinese market is the largest
Q:What causes the loss of textile enterprises
Roughly three points, each of the textile industry has its own characteristics, including the cost, including sales channels
Q:Why is cotton textiles shrinking?
In the immersion of water, the water will make the fiber molecules between the contact gradually weakened, the fiber surface friction decreased, so that the temporary "stable" state is destroyed, the fiber will be restored or close to the original balance

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