Wheel Mill,edge runner mill, is a machine with high grinding and mixing efficiency

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Wheel mill, also known as edge runner mill, is a machine with high grinding and mixing efficiency. It adopts upstream relative motion between planetary shovel and side scraper, so that the materials in the machine can move horizontally or vertically. This equipment often utilizes non-inflammable and non-explosive materials in the mining, metallurgical, industrial, chemical engineering and building material industries. Wheel mill or edge runner mill can be used for grinding barite, limestone, kaolin, ceramic, and so on.

1. The machine is featured with high production capacity, high mixing efficiency, good quality and low energy consumption.
2. Our wheel mills are able to crush small particles.
3. With reasonable structure, edge runner mill is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
4. This kind of wheel grinding machine has passed the CE certification.

Working Principle
Wheel mill can crush and grind materials by the gravity of roller. The crushing unit includes roller and grinding plate. Materials are processed through the center of the grinding plate, and finally grinded by the roller. The finished materials drop from the screen hole around the edge runner mill’s grinding plate, while unqualified ones are sent back and grinded again.

Technical Parameters of Wheel Mill

Hybrid Disc SpecificationΦ2400*450 mmΦ2700*450 mm
Hybrid Disc Volume1200 L1600 L
Roller Specification (2 pcs)Φ760*220 mmΦ760*220 mm
Planetary Mixing Shovel Quantity2*3 pcs each team2*3 pcs each team
Per Material Capacity1200 kg1600kg
Mix. Time of Edge Runner Mill3 min to 5 min3 min to 5 min
Motor Power22 kw37 kw
Production Capacity14 t/h20 t/h

We use engine oil to lubricate and clean the wheel mill.

Packing and Transportation
Our company adopts nude packing and sea transportation for edge runner mills.

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