Wheel loader with bucket capacity of 5.2 m3 model number CLG877III

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15 unit/month

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Product Description:

Product description

High torque reserve of electronic engine(reaches 47%).
Full automatic power shift gearbox and KD function for faster response time.
High drive speeds with 4 forward and 3 reverse gears.
Responsive and accurate hand control with a single joystick with integrated KD function.
Double-brake pedals simplify simultaneous driving and mechanical operations.
Automatic load leveling system prevents spillage during lifting.

Efficiency Fuel efficient engine,the emission meets EPA TIER lll standards.
Torque converter is matched to the engine to ensure maximum power transfer.
Hydraulics employ a dual-pump system and converging and self-unloading function to reduce energy loss.
Air pre-cleaner filter system improves overall engine efficiency in dusty conditions and prolongs service life of main air filter system.

Vehicle has a strong frame that will withstand load and torsion stresses in the toughest working conditions.
Key components from world class suppliers.
Warranty and service programs available.




Limited Slip Front and Rear Axles

Oscillation Angle (each side)


Basic Data


Bucket Capacity


Rated Load


Operating Weight


Breakout Force


Tipping Load (Straight)


Tipping Load (Full Turn 38)


Brake System


Service Brake

Full Hydraulic Wet Multiple Disk On All 4 Wheels

Parking Brake

Auto and Manual Electronic Controlled

Emergency Brake

Automatic / Manual Apply



Fuel Tank


Hydraulic Tank






Differentials (front and rear each)




Torque Converter

Single-Stage, 3 Element


Automatic Power Shift Transmission 4F/3Rmph

Travel Speed (forward max)


Travel Speed (reverse max)


Electrical System


System Voltage


Starter Motor





Cummins QSM11-C335


6-Cylinder, Turbochaged

Rated Power

335hp @ 2100 rpm

Rated Net Power

320hp @ 2100 rpm

Peak Net Power

350hp @ 1800 rpm

Peak Torque

1235lb-ft @ 1200 rpm



Tier Rating

EURO Stage IIIA & EPA Tier 3

Hydraulic System


Main Pump

Vane Pump

Pump Flow


Relief Pressure


Pilot System Relief Pressure


Hydraulic Cycle Time (total)


Steering System



Articulated Frame, Full Hydraulic Power Steering

Number of Steering Cylinders


Steering Pump

Vane Pump

Relief Pressure


Steering Angle (each side)







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Q:Ask how much the weight of the loader is? 50
Ordinary 5 tons of weight in general more than 16.5 tons of forklifts are 955 and 956, Xiagong can reach 17.4 tons, the 956 weight iron is pure iron Xiagong solid, other brands of iron or concrete or more
Q:Empre halo too loader questions?
Motor speed goes up to 6 for fastest feeding, although i do not recommend setting it that fast. Fields often limit rate of fire to 15 bps or less, so you don't need the loader to go crazy since you won't be allowed to let your gun go crazy. Motor speed of 3 is enough. Microphone sensitivity tells the loader what to listen for. Set it to 1, the lowest sensitivity, since spyders are relatively loud when firing. Too high of a sensitivity, and the loader will pick up more noise than necessary, then try to feed when you don't need or want it. Feed stack is the stack of balls inside the feedneck. The Halo Too can monitor the tension it places on the stack, and adjust accordingly. If it feels the tension is too much, it will ease off so it won't crush the balls. Set it to 1, which is for on.
Q:iMac G3 Slot Loader Drive Porblems?
No concern -- if by 6GB you recommend available section. the quite installation will use under 4GB. you could shrink that by greater desirable effective than one GB by determining on custom as quickly as you notice the button, and uncheck / untick each and every of the languages and printer drivers. the right skinny selection could opt to take up under 2GB.
Q:I'm searching to buy a new washer and dryer. I want a frnt loader able to stack.Looking at Maytag Neptune
I bought a Frigidaire front loader washer and a dryer that could be stacked 8 years ago and they have been great. I have 4 kids and do about 10-12 loads/week and I had them serviced for the 1st time in May.
Q:does psp 2006 v4.01 hackable? via chickHEN loader, or just upgrade to the latest v5.50?
u cant play ISO and CSO games because ur psp isnt hacked. which means you have OFW(Official Firmware) not CFW(CustomFirmware). you will need a pandora battery to hack ur psp for starters, i suggest u look on youtube for video tutorials how to do it. If you already have CFW then you must be trying to play new games on an old CFW, when u download your games always check what Firmware its been tested on b4 you dwload so u know if it will work on your psp or not. answer to your question YES the psp slim is hackable, i dont know about chikenloader i never used it, i always upgraded manually its pretty easy. goto youtube and type in SLIM 4.01 to 5.50GEN ChickHEN loader im sure something useful will come up.
Q:How to do a good job in sales (loaders, sales)?
11., unprofitable transactions are necessarily harmful to sales representatives. This is the most important business ethics. 12. when visiting a customer, a sales representative should always believe that even if he falls, he must take a handful of sand". This means that the sales representative can not be left empty handed, even if the sale is not completed, but also to allow customers to introduce you to a new customer. 13. select customers. Measure your customers' willingness and ability to buy, and don't waste time in indecision. 14. the important rule of a strong first impression is to help people feel important. 15. punctual appointments - late means: "I don't respect your time."". There's no excuse for being late. If you can't avoid being late, you have to make a phone call before the appointed time, apologize, and continue with unfinished sales. 16. sell to the right to make a purchase decision, sir. If your sales partner has no right to say "buy", you can't sell anything. 17. every sales representative should realize that sales are successful only if you keep an eye on your customers. 18. plan and naturally close to the customer and the customer feel good, and can be carried out smoothly to negotiate, is the sales representative must advance efforts to prepare work and strategy. 19. it is impossible for the sales representative to conclude a deal with every customer he visits. He should try to visit more customers to increase the percentage of the transaction. 20. know your customers because they determine your performance.
Q:How many kinds of documents are there in the loader?
Now, the certificate issued by the safety supervision bureau is no longer useful! You need an operation card plus this QQ:2453105062?! They just sell it! Mine was bought there, too! You can get your certificate in a month! You can find it on the internet!
Q:Front Loader Laundry Soap Preferences?
I would not recommend using regular soap in smaller amounts. I have an LG front load washer less than a year old. They are rated pretty high in consumer reports so I was surprised when my washer sensor indicated the motor was overheating. I called for service and when the guy came out he said to use only HE detergent (HE = high efficiency) for front loaders AND, get this, LG advises using ONE to TWO tablespoons of soap. Otherwise soap scum builds on the bottom of the drum and messes up the sensors. He said front loaders use 5 - 10 gallons of water whereas top loaders can use 40 gallons of water. We had been using the amount recommended by the HE Tide bottle.
Q:what happen to all the talk about pkg _loader in the ps3 hack forums?
Q:usb loader gx wont detect my usb?
I get the same problem for warriors of rock. xD

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