Waterproof Building Material Plastic cCiling PVC Ceiling

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

1.waterproof building material plastic ceiling PVC ceiling
4.Easy to intall

Product Advantages:

waterproof building material plastic ceiling PVC ceiling

1.The variety of colors and patterns

2.High intensity, resist erosion, anti aging

3.Fireproof, waterproof, environmental friendly

4.Easy setting and cleaning


Shape of printed PVC panels for ceiling:
1.Surface is flat
2.With a groove in the middle
3.With wave on the back of the panels


Main Product Features:

Product name

Waterproof building material for ceiling and wall  


PVC resin

Brand Name




Min10cm Max 60cm


Min 4.5mm Max 15mm


according to customer requirement

Series(surface treatment)

Printing, high glossy, thermal transfer printing,

peritoneal, Pearlite printing



Fireproof, waterproof, wearing resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew proof, good insulationenvironmental friendly


Offer OEM and Certificate of Original

Colors and patterns


Your designs can also be printed.

Other advantage

1)High intensity, resist erosion, good flexibility

2)Easy setting and cleaning


Hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, kitchen, washing rooms and etc indoor decoration


It is our pleasure to help you!

Various products can be produced according to your samples! If you want to learn more our factory’s information, please contact us freely!

Product Specifications:

 Waterproof Building Material Plastic cCiling PVC Ceiling



Waterproof Building Material Plastic cCiling PVC Ceiling

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Q:Finished pvc board how to install the kitchen led lights
In the position of two keels to open less than the lamp can be tightly embedded in the hole, the wiring installation fixed
Q:My family just moved into a new house in Maryland. In the basement there is a finished part and an unfinished part we use for storage. Over the last few days, we noticed this smell/odor coming from the basement, most notably from the unfinished side. We discovered a large PVC pipe which dead-ends has been leaking this dark brown water, and identified this water as the source of the smell.Does anyone know what this dead-end pipe is for?Thanks a bunch!
It may be a clean out plug, or for future expansion. Either way it should be repaired.
Q:What is the ignition of PVC?
Generally about 256 ℃, the special temperature of 800 ℃.
Q:Is PVC material discolored? Decoration with PVC skirting board will have any problems?
The two are basically able to use, there will be no problem. Only individual manufacturers shoddy, harm the consumer's products are not among them.
Q:How to clean the kitchen ceiling pvc board What cleaning?
The choice of ceiling material needs to take into account the fire and moisture-proof anti-fumes
Q:PVC trim panel how much money a square meter ah? What brand?
This is not sub-brand, but also depends on the thickness
Q:PVC sheet and PVC coil What is the difference, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
PVC flooring according to its shape points can be divided into two kinds of sheet flooring and coil flooring, in accordance with market sales and development trends, PVC sheet flooring sales in decline year by year trend, and PVC coil floor sales increased year by year Development trend, PVC sheet flooring increasingly popular, PVC flooring industry is the first choice, but also the current hot floor sales, according to experts predict: the next 2-3 years, PVC coil flooring sales may be doubled
Q:What is the difference between an integrated ceiling and a PVC ceiling?
Integrated ceiling with the ordinary ceiling of the different appearance of the integrated ceiling: ceiling, heating, ventilation, lighting integration, flat. Greatly enhance the effect of ceiling decoration. , PVC ceiling profile characteristics PVC ceiling profile is developed in recent years, the new ceiling decorative materials. It is PVC as raw material, processed into the mouth of the profile, with a light weight, easy to install, waterproof, moisture, pest control features, it is also a lot of changes in the surface color patterns, and pollution, good cleaning,
Q:PVC board surface a lot of white spots, what is the reason?
May be damp long moldy
Q:Cad pvc plastic plate material with what pattern filled
Generally filled with plastic.

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