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(1) Technical team: We have a professional technical team. Customer's sample is always welcomed.

(2) Professional factory: We are manufacturer, specializing in manufacturing plastic textile for 7 years; competitive price with good quality. With UV produced by Germany BASF Chemical Company, the products can be endured at least 3 years.

(3) Sample: We can give out sample in 5 days, but the shipment charge usually paid by your side, the fee of it will be rebound when we have formal order.

(4) Rapid response to your needs: We will answer within 24 hours. Welcome to contact us if you have any problems. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.


1.Material:100% new HDPE,UV
2.Size: 1.75x15.30m
3.Useful life:3~5 year

4.Color: Dark,Dark Green,Blue,Orange etc.

5.MOQ: 1X20fcl

6.Delivery time:30 days


100% new HDPE with UV,long service life




Width:0.5m-3m, Length: as your request


1). sample time: Within 7-15 days.

2). Sample charge: According to product details.

3). Sample refund: Negotiable

4). Send sample: Via TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express

Sample is free for you to test the quality


T/T, L/C

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Q:help with plastic!!?
Try following these steps... Have an adult slowly warm 1/2 cup of heavy cream (or milk). When it begins simmering, stir in a few spoonfuls of vinegar (lemon juice will also work). Continue adding spoonfuls of vinegar and stirring until it begins to gel. Now let the it cool. Next, wash the rubbery stuff with water to clean it off. You'll have little plastic 'curds'
Q:Is there any difference between bioplastic and biodegradable plastic?
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Q:Is it bad to microwave the frozen food plastic?
Microwaved food is bad for you for a number of reasons- Any processed food is immediately going to be bad for you due to its many preservatives. Whether they are anti-fungal agents, designed to increase a products life length or just a whole lot of salt, these chemicals can cause damage to your insides. There are also numerous theories involving the microwave as to its effects on foods health. There are claims that microwaving food can decrease vitamin and mineral effects, but I am skeptical. Truthfully, though there is a lot of stress over this sort of thing, anything is fine as long as you eat it in small amounts. Moderation is the key.
Q:How did they make plastic?
plastic begins as petroleum, they refine the petroleum to make many kinds of plastics.
Q:Health risks of plastic?
Some but not all plastics have estrogenic properties, (Look up estrogenic) and those plastics accelerate the growth of blood supplies to cancers. As a result cancers grow much faster. Glass of course can have slivers that will puncture the intestinal system. We can avoid most of those, but the risk is not zero. Some glasses have very significant lead content, that will leach into acidic drinks. Plastics that have estrogenic qualities should not be exposed to high temperatures or sunlight, should not be handled with oils on the skin. These plastics of course should not find their way into water supplies, including groundwater. A classic estrogenic plastic is bisphenol-a but even many consumer water bottles are estrogenic.
Q:why is plastic able to be stretched?
If you look up plastic in the dictionary, you will see that it means a material that is deformable. Therefore plastics by definition can be stretched. However, not all plastics are easily deformable. Most are formable when they are hot, but many become brittle when cooled. Plastics are made of long chain molecules of hydrocarbons called polymers. The molecules themselves are flexible and can be bent and twisted into various shapes. They also have the ability to slide over each other, allowing the material as a whole to be formable.
Q:2003 CRF150F Graphics/Plastics?
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Q:What's the use of oil?
Some people have made such an estimate that 20 tons of oil can be mined worldwide every year. If only 2% of them are used as raw materials, they can produce 2 million 500 thousand tons to 3 million tons of protein, which can meet the nutritional needs of 200 million people for one year. At present, many countries in the world are researching and producing petroleum proteins.
Q:Plastic Fantastic sports car help?
Plastic car would cost about $300 to $ 4000. Plastic cars are cheap and affordable You can search more info on google Cheers!!!!
Q:Removing melted plastic?
Use a die. These are available from amy hardware stores or tool stores.

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