Warning Fence Net for American Construction Market 100g

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(1) Technical team: We have a professional technical team. Customer's sample is always welcomed.

(2) Professional factory: We are manufacturer, specializing in manufacturing plastic textile for 7 years; competitive price with good quality. With UV produced by Germany BASF Chemical Company, the products can be endured at least 3 years.

(3) Sample: We can give out sample in 5 days, but the shipment charge usually paid by your side, the fee of it will be rebound when we have formal order.

(4) Rapid response to your needs: We will answer within 24 hours. Welcome to contact us if you have any problems. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.


1.Material:100% new HDPE,UV
2.Size: 1.75x15.30m
3.Useful life:3~5 year

4.Color: Dark,Dark Green,Blue,Orange etc.

5.MOQ: 1X20fcl

6.Delivery time:30 days


100% new HDPE with UV,long service life




Width:0.5m-3m, Length: as your request


1). sample time: Within 7-15 days.

2). Sample charge: According to product details.

3). Sample refund: Negotiable

4). Send sample: Via TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express

Sample is free for you to test the quality


T/T, L/C

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To electroplate, the substance being electroplated might desire to be conductive. There are some non-metallic conductors, alongside with graphite (as in pencil lead). So, definite, there are some non-metallic gadgets which could be electroplated with gold.
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Q:Whats stronger, metal or plastic?
Plastic Stronger Than Steel
Q:Are Ps products harmful to the body?
The quality of PS products will not harm the body, but because of the complexity of the production process and the use of chemical reagents can easily lead to quality problems, the normal production is no problem, not a health hazard.
Q:enamel paint on plastic?
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/aw3ID There are TWO possible reasons for enamel paints being tacky after FOUR days: 1) Painting during high humidity. The moisture in the air isn't permitting the paint to shed it's moisture and dry. The Cure... buy a dehumidifier, or wait for better weather to do your painting. 2) The miniatures are of an incompatible plastic... the enamel paints are acting as a solvent and are softening the plastic. The reaction is constantly keeping the paint tacky. I'd be curious to know the manufacturer of the tanks, and your location weather-wise. GOOD LUCK.
Q:Alcohol turned clear plastic foggy white, What should I do?
The term plastic simply refers to a great number of different polymers. For instance, one type of plastic holds up well against acids, another type will melt. One type, the type in the alcohol bottle will hold up to alcohol, another type such as your phone plastic wont, Always be carefull with plastics! Im sorry to say, you wont get that fog out of your plastic, it is imbedded into it now. When in doubt use simple soapy water. ABOVE ALL DO NOT USE ACETONE AS SOMEONE SUGGESTED ABOVE! IT WILL EAT THE PLASTIC! I have worked with acetone most of my life and there are very few plastics it gets along with!
Q:Get paint off plastic?
without the chance of damage to the plastic you can try apple cider vinegar and scrape with a popsicle stick with the end cut off on a slant like a sharp edge. There's no scratches with it. Hot full strength apple cider vinegar will take off paint and varnish.
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complex thing. try searching at the search engines. that can assist!
Q:Can hydrochloric acid eat through plastic?
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Q:Is plastic bags really better than recycled paper bags?
Hemp, cotton and canvas bags are the best. Plastic Bags: There are a lot of reasons given why people 'like' plastic bags. However, they still never decompose no matter how many times you use them. This is compounded when people tie their rubbish into plastic bags. If you insist on using plastic bags you will be charged high taxes for doing so. So re-use as many times as possible then take them supermarket to be recycled. Biodegradeable Bags/Bioplastics: Polylactic acid (PLA) a biodegradable polymer derived from lactic acid. These vegetable based bioplastics biodegrades quickly under composting conditions and does not leave toxic residue. However, bioplastic have own environmental impacts caused by manufacturing and disposal of end product. Again you will be charged for these impacts and taxed but on the plus side biodegradable bags (from potato and corn starches) are a new thriving industry Paper Bags. Great if singly composted. In land fill can take years for layers to decompose. Still an organic material. But there is cost of production, costs to environment of pulp trees (monocultures, loss of habitat, etc) costs of recycling/disposal. Again you will have to pay for these production costs and disposal costs and taxed. In UK instead of stop supplying plastic bags you get rewards for bringing your own. Money back, green points. Even with supermarket home delivery See Tesco. This has not been effective so we are back to taxes. In New Zealand Cloth bags are already promoted and sold in supermarkets. However this is not stopping plastic bag useage. France is banning plastic bags 2007 others are moving towards it. The most effective is taxing plastic bag use. If we do not take action we will be taxed as the Irish are for using plastic bags. Effective as a decrease of 90% plastic bag use in Ireland.

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