Vibrating Screen-For Stone Aggregates and Ores

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Product Description:

Circular Vibrating Screen

  • Type: Necessary Auxiliary Equipment

  • Input Size: 0mm--1000mm

  • Processed Materials: Limestone, Granite, Gabbro, Basalt, River Stone, Coal Gangue, Quartz, Diabase,Iron Ore, Copper Ore,  Zinc Ore,  etc.

  • Applications: Aggregates Shaping, Mechanism sand, Bituminous Concrete, Metal Mine,  Chemical, Road, Railway,Metallurgy, Construction, Highway, Water Conservancy

  • Capacity: 10-500TPH

The moving road of this screen is similar as a circle, so it is called  Circular Vibrating Screen. Circular Vibrating Screen is of multilayer  and high efficiency. The eccentric shaft vibration exciter and eccentric  block helps to adjust amplitude. This kind of screen is of long  screening stream line and more sieving specifications. So it is widely  used for grading in the industries of quarry, building material,  transportation, energy, chemical industry, etc.

1,It uses cylinder-type eccentric shaft and eccentric block to make strong vibrating force.
2,Beam is connected to the main body with bolts, has the feature of high strength.
3,The side plate of the screen box use the steel which make the boiler, the steel have high strength and strong impact resistance.
4,It adopts the structure of small amplitude, high frequency, large  obliquity to make the screen with high efficiency, large handing  capacity, long life span, low consumption and little noise.
5,The vibrating screen uses the motor to drive the eccentric shaft to  make the screen body periodically along with the direction of vibration force. The materials make circular movement on the screen to realize  sieving. Circular vibrating screen consists of vibration source, screen body, screen mesh, shock absorbing device, base frame etc. It has the  features of reasonable structure and long durability.

Detail Specification:


ModelScreen Size(mm)LayersScreen Mesh (mm)Max Feed Size(mm)Capacity (t/h)Power (Kw)Vibrating Frequency(r/min)Double Swing (mm)

Vibrating Screen-For Stone Aggregates and Ores

Vibrating Screen-For Stone Aggregates and Ores

Vibrating Screen-For Stone Aggregates and Ores

Vibrating Screen-For Stone Aggregates and Ores

Vibrating Screen-For Stone Aggregates and Ores

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Q:What is the feed vibrating screen used for?
1. Screen the impurities in feed material.2 grade screening of raw materials after grinding.3. Clean the impurities before granulation.4, grading screening, granulation products.
Q:Soy milk filter is a good vibrating screen or a centrifuge?
Each has its own features, centrifugal recommendation
Q:What's the difference between a dewatering screen and a common vibrating screen?
Dewatering screen is a kind of vibration sieve, the difference with the other vibrating screen is: 1. different materials, including cement slurry dewatering screen is dry materials in the row, the residue is separated from water, reach the dry stack or transport, general requirements for dry overtails better discharge.
Q:Working principle of scree vibrating screen?
You can use the stone mine linear vibrating screen, the principle of work is: two motor synchronous reverse placed to generate reverse exciter exciting force, forcing the mesh sieve body driven to do the vertical movement, the material on the exciting force and periodic thrown forward in a range, thus completing the material screening operation. Beijing Yan Sen Tengda vibration screening equipment production. You can contact us by telephone or visit the company website for details of the product
Q:What is the difference between vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen? Should I choose vibrating screen or linear vibrating screen?
The circular vibrating screen has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and replacement of the screen surface, and less energy consumed by screening each ton of material.
Q:What are the requirements for the use of ultrasonic vibrating screens?
Ultrasonic vibration screen should pay attention to the power supply positive and negative pole, maximum current, screen mesh, screen frame, ultrasonic system installation, material characteristics
Q:The role of soft connection of vibrating screen
The vibrating screen soft connection generally refers to the connection of inlet and outlet parts, common materials for canvas, rubber, silicone, polyurethane, because the screen high frequency vibration, and other equipment for flexible connection, carrying the material and damping effect.
Q:What is the cause of the failure of the vibrating screen material?
The problem of the vibration motor may be that the installation position is not correct or the excitation force is not enough; the material problem may be excessive viscosity; and another possibility is that the angle of inclination of the screen machine in the design can also cause this phenomenon.
Q:What are the lubrication characteristics of the vibrating screen? What are the requirements for the lubricating oil?
(1) a sodium soap mineral oil system phase transition temperature is higher, the general temperature change from pseudo gel to gel is 140 DEG C, gel into colloidal solution temperature is 210 degrees Celsius, so sodium base grease is a high dropping point of lubricating grease, can work at 120 DEG C is longer room.(2) sodium based grease has longer fiber structure and good wire drawing property, and has stronger adhesion to metal. It can be used in rolling or sliding bearings with higher vibration and higher temperature. The fatty acid and different viscosity of different saturation oil and different cooling methods can be prepared sodium base grease with different fiber length. Because of the great friction between long fiber and sodium base grease and low adhesion to metal surface, it is not suitable for mechanical lubrication at high speed and low load. At low speed and high load bearing, long fiber sodium base grease has excellent shear stability, can be used for railway and automotive bearings, mechanical brake device, crank and large winch and universal joint lubrication part. Short fiber grease can be applied to the lubrication of various bearings at medium speed and moderate load.(3) fatty acid sodium soap is one of the most easy to dissolve in water to all metal soap, soap molecules hydrolysis carboxyl terminal make soap fiber loss thickening ability, therefore, key grease encounter water, viscosity decreases, it cannot be used for mechanical components or humid environment with water and water the steam on the contact.
Q:Vibrating screen sand, then you can choose drum screen Mody? Why
Roller screen is a kind of mineral processing equipment classification processing according to the material particle size, also known as the drum screen, because the layout is simple, is widely used in mining, building materials, traffic classification, energy and chemical industry. The classification and screening of medium and fine materials are often used to improve the quality of materials.

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