Double frequency screen/vibrating screen for mining

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Item specifice:

Capacity: 0-600t/h Feed size: <5mm Aperture size: 0-5mm
Motor power: 33-148kw Motor speed: 720-1440r/min Amplitude: 6-9mm

Product Description:

Double frequency screen/vibrating screen for mining

Double frequency screen/vibrating screen for mining

Overview of Double frequency screen/vibrating screen for mining:

Winner Group to achieve national environmental protection requirements,improve the sintering plant conditions of the environment, design a new ultra-environmental protection energy-saving double frequency vibrating screen, completely changed the sintering sieve site use environment, and effectively reduce the cost of sintering, to create green steel.


Features of Double frequency screen/vibrating screen for mining

1.Double frequency screen changed the structure of the traditional vibrating screen sieve surface and screen box vibration, using multi-independent sieve surface vibration, sieve box and rack do not vibration movement.


2.Each section of sieve plate independent vibration source, independent vibration. According to the size distribution of the material in the field, the size of the material, the amplitude and the vibration frequency of each sieve surface can be adjusted adaptively to achieve the best combination of processing capacity and screening efficiency.


3. Less moving parts, the vibration quality is reduced and the power is small.


4. Screen box does not participate in vibration, so it is easier to achieve a fully enclosed structure, so that dust does not leak to meet the higher environmental requirements.


5. Sieve plate mainly used grizzly, comb, round steel welding, steel punching and so on.


Advantages of Double frequency screen/vibrating screen for mining:

1. The most advanced sieve concept, unique sieve structure.

A. By segment control, to achieve the sieve plate variable frequency, variable amplitude, variable trajectory movement, to achieve the purpose of efficient screening.

B. The use of patent sieve plate, a single sieve plate above the different frequency of loading, plugging the chance to reduce 80%.


2.Super environmental protection.

A. Double frequency only sieve plate vibration, sieve body does not vibrate, and truly achieve a full static seal, the structure of the sieve inside the formation of negative pressure, no vent point, the dust does not leak.

B. Double frequency screen sieve box to increase the internal walls of special insulation materials, compared to the traditional grizzly screen and elliptical screen can effectively reduce the noise 6-10dB.


3. super energy-saving.

Under the conditions of the same industrial and mining conditions, the weight of the compound frequency sieve is only 1/5 of that of the traditional elliptical sieve and 3/5 of the grizzly screen, so the double frequency screen is more than 1 times than the traditional oval sieve 1/3.


4. Ultra-high screening efficiency, large processing capacity.

The single-layer double-surface sieve perforation rate can reach 40%, through the frequency, amplitude and other means to improve the effective screening efficiency of 90%.


5. Super easy to maintain.

Double frequency screen using the overall replacement of the method, the replacement of a sieve 2 individuals only 2 hours will be able to resume production use, maintenance is simple, low-cost time.


6. Minimize construction costs.

Double frequency screen adopts the sectional vibration mode, which is 2 - 3 times of the normal dynamic load when starting and stopping. It greatly reduces the cost of the infrastructure construction and has obvious economic benefits.


7. The minimum spare parts consumption.

Double frequency screen bearing with Self-circulation cooling system, the exciter temperature can be controlled within 65 degrees, the bearing life is more than three times the traditional screen, the only oil required for the traditional screen sieve One-tenth of the machine.


8. The most complete combination.

According to customer requirements on the size of the material used in a variety of combinations, such as V-shaped, eight-shaped, laminated, etc. For viscous water-containing materials using multi-channel thin layer screening. For large capacity, double frequency granularity thickness probability screening principle, a variety of combinations to meet customer needs.


Applications of Double frequency screen/vibrating screen for mining:

Mainly used in iron and steel enterprises solvent screening system (metallurgical industry sintering, blast furnace trough, coking, raw materials, etc.) and gravel aggregate system of construction industry. Using low amplitude, high frequency and other characteristics, for less than 5mm fine material screening is more excellent, but also to other industries, mainly for dry material screening. The sieve plate mainly bar, comb teeth, round steel welding, punching and so on.


Technical parameter table of Double frequency screen/vibrating screen for mining


Aperture size(mm)

Motor speed r/min

Motor power kw



Feed size




Outside Dimension(L*W*H)


















































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Q:What are the main equipment used in horizontal vibration motors?
In addition to vibrating screen can also be used in vibration vibration crusher, vibrating screen, vibrating packing machine, vibrating shakeout machine, vibration molding machine, vibrating machine, vibration lifting machine, filling machine, vibration hopper arch breaking blocking proof device.
Q:What is a single axle vibrating screen? What's a biaxial vibrating screen?
I can recommend a factory in Henan fierce vibration, a national patent
Q:What is the working principle of high frequency vibrating screen?
High frequency vibrating screen adopts double electrode self synchronization technology, universal block eccentric and adjustable amplitude vibrator.
Q:The vibration of the motor seat of the vibrating screen is cracked when it is used. It is He Yuanyin
In the process we use vibrating screen, there will inevitably be wrong, if the use is not standard, the normal operation of the vibrating sieve will bring inconvenience to the base damage permanent machinery vibration motor analysis
Q:What are the electromagnetic vibrating screens for?.
Electromagnetic vibrating screen is one of the less common but indispensable types of vibrating screen. Electromagnetic vibrating screen is a new type of screening equipment specially used for solid materials
Q:What kind of material is the vibrating screen generally?
Well, it's 316L,The general situation is stainless steel 304 material
Q:What should be paid attention to when using the motor on the vibrating screen?
We must ensure that the mounting surface paint and no debris, ensure vibration motor feet clean.Warning! The motor shall not be welded on the mounting plate when the vibration motor has been installed and wired. Welding can cause vibration, motor winding and bearing damage.
Q:What machinery can separate the earth and stone, and the soil is moist?. Is it okay to use a vibrating screen?
How big is the stone in the original product? Is the moisture of the soil too high?
Q:What is the difference between exciter and vibrating motor?
In industrial production, often need a variety of raw materials (such as ore, coal, stone, etc.) and primary products (such as cement, salt, monosodium glutamate) by the particle size of materials is divided into several classes, or to remove the moisture and impurities, for the next step of the process and improve the quality of the products, the it is necessary to use screening machine.
Q:Can the linear vibrating screen not be horizontally placed? How big is the dip angle?
But in accordance with the requirements of individual process and some special needs, the linear vibrating screen can also be placed with a certain angle, usually 5 degrees or 10 degrees. Because the linear vibrating screen is mainly used for classification of fine materials and dehydration, desliming, etc., so if the angle is too large, it may lead to poor screening efficiency.

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