Vapor-liquid Filter Editor Foam Fishing Net

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Item specifice

Stainless Steel Wire,Iron Wire,Copper Wire,Steel Wire,Black Wire Mesh,Brass Wire,Low-Carbon Iron Wire,Aluminum Wire,Galvanized Steel Wire,PVC Coated Steel Wire,Plastic Coated Iron Wire,Aluminum Alloy Wire,Phosphor Bronze Wire,Galvanized Iron Wire
Hole Shape:
Construction Wire Mesh,Protectiong Mesh,Fence Mesh,Decorative Mesh,Screen,Window Curtain,Barbecue Wire Mesh,Cages
Heat Insulation
Surface Treatment:
Power Coating,Electroplating,Spraying,Polishing,Oxidation,Hot Galvanized,Zinc Plating

Description of Vapor-liquid filter editor

Vapor-liquid filter editor (the vapor-liquid network, also known as foam fishing net, woven wire mesh), is a special form of woven wire mesh, it is the production of wire mesh demister, oil separator, dust, environmental protection the main components of the engine noise, mechanical damping, etc. used in the project, but also in the automotive industry, the electronics industry has been widely used.

Specification of Vapor-liquid filter editor

Wire diameter size range: 0.08 ~ 0.3mm of flat wire or round wire. Single-strand braided, multi-strand braid, metallic and non-metallic wire filament (various fibers) weaving, may be needed in the wire-line press rolled into a variety of styles of specifications corrugated, such as "man" herringbone pattern.
2 common vapor-liquid filter specification editor type specifications
Standard 40-10060-150 105-300140-400 160-400200-570
-Efficient 60-100 80-10080-150 90-150150-300 200-400300-600
High wear type 20-100 30-15070-400 100-600170-560
Damping 33-3038-40 20-4026-40 30-4030-50 48-5030-60 30-8050-120

HG / T21618-1998 wire mesh demister Used for gas-liquid filter specifications are: SP, DP, HR, HP-type four standard specifications. Used screen demister gas-liquid filter

specifications are: HG5-1404, HG5-1405, HG5-1406, standard number for the Shanghai Q / SG12-1-79. Standards set forth in the three types of gas-liquid network, namely standard, efficient and high-penetration type. For users of all kinds of non woven mesh, such as multi-strand, eds., Various shapes of gaskets, bushings, etc. We can be customized according to the thickness of the mesh size and wire diameter.

Vapor-liquid Filter Editor Foam Fishing Net

Vapor-liquid Filter Editor Foam Fishing Net

The features of Vapor-liquid filter editor

Three gas-liquid filter parameter editing a silk warp range: 0.10mm-0.55mm (through a common wire: 0.20mm-0.25mm) In addition, a number of strands twisted together weave.

2, hole size: from (2 × 3mm) to (4 × 5mm) and then to (12 × 6mm) Also according to customer requirements for fine-tuning the hole size. Openings in the form of macropores and orifices cross arrangement (aperture size in the longitudinal direction is the same, the width is not the same)

3, the surface condition of liquid filters: the flat-type mesh and pressed into corrugated corrugated mesh (width and depth of the corrugations have different specifications)

4, the gas-liquid filter width: 40mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400,500mm, 600mm and the like.
5, the main gas-liquid filter material: stainless steel wire have AISI201,202,301,302,304,304L, 321,316,316L, pure nickel wire, titanium wire, Monel, galvanized wire, to Roberts, stainless steel silk and cotton, or plastic, PP, PC, PE, PVC, PTFE.

Application of Vapor-liquid filter editor

Mainly used for processing demister for droplet separation of gas inside. May also be extruded, for the manufacture of filtration devices. 


1. Payment term: T/T, L/C, Western Union

2. Payment terms:   30% by T/T should be paid in advance, the balance payment paid againest the copy of B/L

3. Delivery time: shipping products within ten days, or negotiate according to total quantity.

4. Min order quantity: 50 pieces, or by negotiate with each other


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Irregular printing can also be used for printing, but it is best to print the area is relatively small

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