Unique Solar Lily Light Lily Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Decoration

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Product Name: solar led lily flower light Model Number: 0086

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* How solar power fiture work:

* During the day, the solar panel collects sunlight and converts is into electrical power, which is stored in the included rechargeable battery.

* At night, light sensing technology turns on the solar fiture.

Unique Solar Lily Light Lily Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Decoration


Brand name


product name:

solar led lily flower light


solar led lawn lamp

Body size 


Solar board



 AA 600MAH Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery 


With polybag/color   box.Export carton


100 pcs


500,000 sets/month



OEM&ODM service:


Sample time

3-5 days

Mass production time

3-10days,depending on order quantity

Payment terms

By T/T,Western union,L/C,Paypal,

normally 30% deposit in advance,balance paid before shipment

Unique Solar Lily Light Lily Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Decoration

Unique Solar Lily Light Lily Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Decoration

Unique Solar Lily Light Lily Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Decoration


* 100% Brand New & High Quality.

* Beautiful artificial flower lamp.

* Installs anywhere that gets direct sunlight.

* Lily flower solar powered garden/yard stake color changing light, have sedimen stem will light up.

* Ideal for decorate your garden, balcony, lawn etc.

* Light turns on automatically when dark with manual on/off switch.

* Ideal for use where conventional electrial supply is unavailable.

* Waterproof, as long as not being soaked into water. It will be functioning in all weathers.


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Product Package Specification: Color Box, Size:8.00 X 7.00 X 50.00 cm

Master Package Specification: Brown Carton, Size: 51.00 X 50.00 X 61.50 cm, 40 Color Box / Brown Carton

 Unique Solar Lily Light Lily Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Decoration

Unique Solar Lily Light Lily Solar LED Flower Light for Garden Decoration


1. Are you factory direct? 
CMAX as a professional led lighting manufacturer, , specilized in led corn light, led street light,led flood light 

other led lights. Our products are mainly exported to USA, Canada, Europe, South America, etc over 120 countries and area. 

2. Do you have a special price and service for wholesale? 

CMAX is keeping search a long term business cooperation with our clients,  As a professional led lighting    manufacturer, we can OEM &ODM for our cilents, fully support and assist on service, to offer you the most competitive price with high quality product is our responsible.

3. What payment methods can I use? And how secure is my payment? 
CMAX accept your payment through Paypal, Bank Transfer,Western Union, LC,etc 

4. How long does it take for my order to be shipped? And how long can I receive it?
Generally, your order will be shipped within 7-15 working days after your payment received by us. CMAX devotes to be a fastest delivery led lights supplier.

5. How about the warranty? 
We offer 3 years warranty. All products are gone through strict test by our experienced QC before shipment.  During in warranty time, if any quality problem, we will be fully responsible for it.


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