LED POST TOP Retrofit /LED light / LED retrofit light / LED POST TOP light/C21TL-AE POST TOP

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$62.00 - 69.00 / set
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100 set
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20000 set/month

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Unique lightweight aluminum housing
Electro-statically applied polyester powder coat finish
Nichia Japan LED chips 
Lens customization according to light distribution and color temperature
Easy screw-in base

Sidewalks, suburban compounds, garden, parks, parking lots and more.  


LED POST TOP retrofit /LED light / LED retrofit light / LED POST TOP light/C21TL-AE POST TOP

Technical Data

Electrical Specifications  

Wattage options:  25W/40W 

Voltage options:  120-277 VAC 

Frequency:  50/60 Hz 

Power factor:  ≥ 0.95 


Optical Performance 

Chip brand:  Nichia 

Color temperature:  4000K/5000K(2700K/3000K optional) 

Fixture efficacy:  115lm/w 

Color render index (CRI):  ≥65 

Beam angle:  105° 


Colors and Materials 

Body material:  Plastic, Aluminum 



Ambient temperature range:  -20~+40°C 



Lifespan:  50,000 hours 



Type of installation:  Post top pole-mount 

Base:  E39 (Standard mogul), E26 (Medium) 

Surge protector:  4kV 



Test & Certifications 

Standards:  ETL SGS RoHS 

Protection class:  II 

Type of protection:  IP20 

Test reports:  LM79, LM80 





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