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Product Name: Patio Stand Heater:AH20AW


AH20AW Standing Patio Heater Wholesale  Buy  Standing Patio Heater at Okorder

AH20AW Standing Patio Heater Wholesale  Buy  Standing Patio Heater at Okorder

Patio Stand Heater:AH20AW

* Stand Patio Heater
* 3 Quartz Heating Elements
* 3 Powers: 650W, 1300W, 2000W
* 1.8 Metres Power Supply Cord
* High Rated Aluminium Reflector
* Power Indicator Window
* Drawing Switch
* Cable Clips on Stand Poles
* Height Adjustable
* Tip-over Safety Switch
* IP24 Approved


World Top 500 Enterprises

Custom AA

Authorized Safety Certification

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AH20AW Standing Patio Heater Wholesale  Buy  Standing Patio Heater at Okorder

AH20AW Standing Patio Heater Wholesale  Buy  Standing Patio Heater at Okorder

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