Outdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great Gift

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100 pc
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100000 pc/month

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1. Inner packing: opp bag or color box
2. Outer packing: carton
3. Shipping: depends on customer's requirement. Shipped in 30 days after payment.

Outdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great Gift

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pink rose

yellow rose


red rose

white rose


Outdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great Gift

Outdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great Gift


Company Information

CNBM International Corporation (CNBM International) is the most important trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. CNBM is a professinal led light supplier engaged in LED lights manufacturing,project technical support and light design.

We specilzed in led strip lights, led bulb, led wall mount light, led street light....Nowe we have exported our products to over 30 countries and regions like Europe,South / North America,Southeast Asia etc and gained customer's respect and continued businesses. Based on our good quality , reasonable price, good after-sale service, we enjoyed good reputation in the international market.

Warmly welcome your any inquiries or request ! You will be impressed by our superior quality, quick delivery date and attractive price. Contact us now! 

Outdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great Gift

Outdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great Gift

Outdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great Gift

Outdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great Gift

Outdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great GiftOutdoor Decorative Solar LED Lily Flower Lights for Garden Yard Year-round, Great Gift

Sample Item

Sample finish time: 3-7 days

Sample Charge: Depend on what items,usually free- 2 times of the unit price

Express freight cost:depend on customer


1.Q:What's your payment terms?
    A: T/T or L/C
2.Q:When could you send me the samples
3.Q:Can I customize the strip length?
    A: Yes
4.Q:Do you also sell other kinds led lights?
    A:Yes, we also supply led bulbs, spotlights, led light, led tube light ,ceiling light etc.

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Q:How to wear light on the poles of the courtyard
Such as street lights is to take the three pvc line, or five cables is a group that is a loop, only need to wear a protective tube
Q:lights on boats, what lights are the anchor lights and what lights are the navagition lights?
red and green are nav lights. The white light at the back is the anchor light. HOWEVER, most states require the anchor light to be on while you are moving.
Q:Where can I get LED Office Lighting company ?
Hey, Benefits of Office Lighting by LED Light Bulbs 1. Long-lasting - LED bulbs last up to 10 times then any other bulb. 2. Durable – LED bulbs are solid they are not made from filament. That’s why they are not damaged under circumstances when a regular incandescent bulb would be broken. 3. Cool – LED bulbs do not cause heat build-up and cuts down on air conditioning costs in the home. 4. More efficient - LED light bulbs use only 2-10 watts of electricity which is upto 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL bulbs. Replacing with LED bulbs will be reduced electricity costs by 80% or more. 5. Innovative Lighting Redesign – ESI brings you innovative lighting redesign and LED Retrofit program to match IESNA specifications. 6. ZERO out of pocket expense - We are paid through savings on your electric bill. 7. Positive Cash Flow - Realize cash back from day one after the retrofit is complete. 8. Protection Plan - 5 year all-inclusive protection plan. We mean everything. 9. Energy Efficient Lighting – Make your building energy efficient with eco friendly lighting.
Q:why do airplanes have black and red lights?
Green and red, young lady - Many things in aviation come from ships at sea - Have you noticed that the LH light on the side of a ship is RED - And the one on the RH side of the ship, is GREEN - By the way, the light in the tail is white... Airplanes, is the same thing (near the tip of the wings)... Which is which (?) - well, the communists (LEFTists) are RED in China -
Q:Do fog lights color matter?
fog lights are amber colored.
Q:Cigarettes- Lights, Ultra Lights?
The addictive substance in cigarettes is Nicotine. Lights and ultra lights do not have less nicotine. The nicotine comes from the tabacco leaf. The answer: lights and ultra lights are not less addictive. Answer to 2nd question: Yes they can still backen your lungs, cause cancer and all other associated problems. The SMOKE is what blackens lungs. SMOKE from cigarrettes, second hand smoke, a burning building, and air pollution will ALL blacken your lungs. The more smoke that's inhaled the more blackened a person's lungs will be, so people who smoke a pack or more a day will have the most blackened lungs in the fastest amount of time. However, people who live in cities and do not smoke will also have blackened lungs (to a much lesser degree) from the inhaled air pollution (smoke from factories/cars ect.). Lights and Ultra Lights aren't SAFER cigarettes. The term is used to describe the FLAVOR. A strong flavor, to a light flavor to an ultra light flavor. Hope this helps :)
Q:Photosynthesis: Light and Dark reactions?
Because the light reactions require light and the dark reactions don't. The light reactions are the ones that use energy from light to split water and make ATP. The Dark reactions are also referred to as the calvin cycle. It uses the ATP produced in the light reactions to fix carbon dioxide into larger sugar molecules.
Q:Condo Lighting Company in Texas?
Hi, While comparing with freestanding houses, new condominiums lack some distinctive aspects. Therefore, you may face some problem while you are trying to sell the condominium. Moreover, you cannot carry out the noticeable remodeling activities, so, better you can try to restore the inside. It will be good, if you create the inside of condominium more attractive and comfortable. With condominium lighting, you can differentiate your condominium from others. Without doubt, upgrading the condominium will be more effective than remodeling. While comparing with remodeling it is easy too. Condominium lighting will perk up the appearance and the resale value of your condominium significantly. In addition, condominium lighting can assist to alter the feel and environment of the condominium. When you chart your condominium lighting, some issues may arise as most condominiums are in similar fashion. Condominiums generally have big open places that are feasible. You can break up these places easily by concentrating the light on required areas, by doing so you do not need to construct an additional wall that will become an artificial one. 1930 Harrison St. Suite 603 Hollywood, Florida, 33020 Toll FREE: 1-866-724-7041 Fax: 954.712.9121
Q:dashboard warning lights?
since its a green light, its probly not a warning light. you should have a amber light reading TCS for traction control. im not familiar with your light.
Q:Dining room lights not working?
After turning off breaker for safety I would open up the light that works and check that wiring is intact if wires are secure then go to the next in line which should be other kitchen light not working and my guess is that has to be disconnected wires. the wires will either be on screws of light base or marreted or even taped together, black to black and white to white. Failing that it means you have a break in the wire some where in the ceiling between good and bad light If your confident enough you could disconnect bad light wires at good light attach new wire there and pull through to good lamp

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