Thread Milling Tool Holder for Thread Milling Cutters

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Q:What milling cutters are used to make the electrodes more light?
It's OK to use a plain end mill, but a new one will do. The rough milling, using ordinary milling cutter, milling cutter, the use of new, small cutting depth, high speed play, walk the knife slowly, so you can finish milling is relatively high.
Q:Machining center milling cutter inner groove milling smaller, why the radius compensation is negative 0.3?
The value after processing -0.3 will be 0.6 larger than the inside diameter
Q:Tungsten steel cutter 45 degrees and 55 degrees, what is the difference
45 degree carbide end mill is this knife can be processed with a hardness of 45 steel, 55 degree carbide end milling machine can be processed 55 steel hardness. Numbers refer to the hardness of the material being processed.Tungsten steel cutter, its material for hard alloy. The main cutting edge is on the face of the circle, and the cutting edge on the end face is an auxiliary blade. During operation, the feed motion can not be carried out along the axial direction of the cutter. According to the national standard: the end milling cutter diameter is 2-50 millimeters, can be divided into two kinds of coarse teeth and fine teeth. Diameter 2-20 is the straight handle range.Tungsten steel milling cutter can be divided by purpose: keyway milling cutter, ordinary milling cutter, cutter etc.
Q:With the end milling cutter, the surface quality of the milled surface is better with both side and bottom blades Seek explanation...
The quality of surface milling is mainly reflected in the following aspects: flatness, roughness, dimensional accuracy and so on. The side edge of the end mill is different from the end cutting. The shape precision of side cutting the processing surface of the plane depends directly on the side edge of the side edge when the plane itself, wear after processed is uneven, and the tool wear degree of different radial cutting force is not stable, directly affects the precision of machining tool, so the requirements of high end; when is on the edge of the blade machining tool from the rotation center of the farthest point turning trajectory to form the processing surface of precision machined surface shape precision depends on the machine (such as the spindle axis relative to the vertical workpiece feed direction, etc.) the requirements of the tool is low, to facilitate the tool selection of new materials, can get high flatness, roughness, dimensional accuracy. To sum up, in the processing plane, it is recommended to use the end cutting method as far as possible.
Q:What are the general diameters of milling cutters?
Regular 1234681012, 14, 16MM, etc.. Non-standard can be customized. Delivery cycle 2~3 days
Q:Milling cutters are divided into several kinds
There are many kinds of milling cutters. Common milling machines and CNC milling machines can be machined with straight lines, milling centers, machining cavities, cores, and curved surfaces / contours.Roughly divided into:1. flat milling cutter, rough milling, to remove a large number of rough, small area, horizontal plane or contour milling;2. ball end mill for surface finish milling and fine milling. The knife can be used to finish milling the small chamfer of the steep surface / straight wall.3. flat milling cutter with chamfering, can do rough milling to remove a lot of rough, but also fine milling, fine surface (relative to the steep surface), small chamfer.4. forming milling cutter, including chamfering cutter, T shape milling cutter or drum type cutter, gear cutter, inner R knife.5. chamfer knife, chamfer knife shape and chamfer shape are identical, divide into milling circle, chamfer and slant chamfer milling cutter.6.T type cutter can be milled with T groove;7. gear cutters, milling out various tooth types, such as gears.8. rough skin knife, aiming at the design of Al Cu alloy cutting rough milling cutter, can be processed rapidly.Milling cutters are commonly made of two kinds of materials: high speed steel and hard alloy. The latter is the former high hardness, strong cutting force, can improve the speed and feed rate, improve productivity, let the knife is not obvious, and the processing of stainless steel / titanium alloy hard processing materials, but the cost is higher, and easy in cutting force rapidly alternating case.With fast development, said the industry is the rotary cutter, as shown in the figure is the whole hard alloy cutter, in fact, now more cutter processing in the hole and cavity, the cutter blade is installed!
Q:What does the end mill have on the end teeth through the center?
The end mills can be divided into high speed steel end mills, welded alloy end mills and integral alloy end mills according to different materials. According to the use function, the end mill can be divided into: end milling cutter with horizontal edge (that is, as you said, over center end mill) and different transverse edge end mills. With horizontal vertical milling cutter can be used for side milling, slotting cutter, perpendicular to the direction of processing (but not too deep), the center, 2 vertical milling cutter blade cross connected together, 3 vertical milling cutter blade 1 core, 4 vertical milling cutter 2 transverse blades are connected together, the other two disconnected. Without a horizontal edge end mill, it can not be machined perpendicular to the tool direction without having a central blade.I don't know. Can you understand that?...
Q:How to judge the quality of carbide milling cutter
Imports of cutting tools do not talk about, the most reliable tool in Taiwan
Q:Why can't we get higher machining accuracy when we use the disk modulus milling cutter to process the gear?
Check equipment accuracy
Q:Q: circular knife, knife mold, cutter, knife, R knife and what are the different use?
Conventional die processing in the use of round Knives: round knife, R4, R5, R6 and so onFlying with the most is the circular knife grain, also called nose knifeMany kinds of milling cutter, milling machine as long as used in milling cutter called: cutter milling, rough milling, milling cutter, cutter rod, alloy cutter, alloy cutter, milling cutter, T type milling cutter, a thread milling cutter.Considering that the ball milling is generally divided into the overall disposable knife, knife.Round knife and fly knife used, open roughMilling cutter: milling typeR knife: inner R, outer R, inverted R angleCondition: copying milling
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