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The [ji o g editor last angle have a ng]

Angle called angle, strip steel is perpendicular to each other on both sides into angular. There are equilateral angle steel and unequal angle of. Equilateral angle steel two edge width equal. The specification is expressed by edge widthx edge width * thick edge millimeter number. Such as "front 30 x 30 x 3",namely said equilateral angle steel edge width of 30 mm, 3 mm thick edge.Also available models represent models is the edge width, number of centimeters, such as angle 3#. Models of the same model that in the differentedge thickness and size, and thus in the contract documents generalboundary angle width, edge thick size fill in complete, avoid use alone model said. Hot rolled equilateral angle steel specifications for 2#-20#. Angleaccording to the different needs of structure composed of a variety of stress components, but also can be used as a component of the connections between the. Widely used in a variety of architectural and engineering structures, such as beams, bridge, tower, lifting the transport machinery, ships,industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse.

Chinese name angle

Which is called angle

The outer shape perpendicular to each other on both sides into strip steelangle

Classification of equilateral angle steel and equilateral angle steel

The material of carbon structural steel

The raw materials of low carbon square billet billet


The 1 angle is introduced

2 types of specifications

3 import and export

4 appearance quality

5 chemical composition

6 specifications

7 mechanical properties

8 weight calculation

9 theoretical weight

The 1 angle is introduced


Angle according to the different needs of structure composed of a variety of stress components, but also can be used as a component of the connections between the. Widely used

In a variety of architectural and engineering structures, such as beams, bridge,tower, lifting the transport machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower,container rack, cable channel support, power piping, bus mounting bracket,and warehouse shelves.

Angle is built with carbon structural steel, is a simple section steel steel, mainly used for metal components and the frame of the plant. In use requires a goodweldability, plastic deformation and certain mechanical strength. The production of raw materials for low carbon steel billet steel billets, finished angle for the hot rolling, normalizing or hot-rolled state of delivery.

2 types of specifications


Mainly divided into equilateral angle steel and equilateral angle steel two kinds,including unequal angle can be divided into equilateral equilateral thick andunequal thickness two.

Angle specifications expressed with side length and edge thickness size. At present domestic steel specifications for 2 - 20 cm in length, number number,the same horn steel often have 2 - 7 different edge thickness. The actual size and edge inlet angle marked on both sides of the thickness and indicate the relevant standards. The general length of more than 12.5cm for large angle,12.5cm - 5cm for the medium angle, length below 5cm for small angle.

Inlet and outlet angle steel orders generally required the use specifications in the main, the steel is carbon steel grades corresponding. Is the angle in addition to standard number, no specific composition and performance series.

Equilateral angle vector

Angle iron delivery length is divided into fixed length, double length two,domestic angle of fixed length of choice scope has 3 9m, 4 12M, 4 19m, 6 19mfour scope according to the specifications of different. Japanese angle length selection range is 6 - 15m.

Section unequal angle height according to the long edge of the width to calculate the scalene angle steel. Refer to section for angular and both sidesunequal in length of steel. Is an angle of. Its length from 25mm * 16mm to200mm * l25mm. From the hot rolling mill and rolling. General specifications for: scalene angle steel angle 50*32-- angle 200*125 thickness of 4-18mm

Unequal angle steel is widely used in all kinds of metal structures, bridges,machinery manufacturing and shipbuilding, building structure and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, power transmission tower, lifting the transport machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse etc.

3 import and export


China's import and export have a certain angle each batch, mainly imported from Japan and Western europe. Exports to Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia, the area is mainly on Latin America and Arabia countries etc.. Export production enterprises mainly in Liaoning, Hebei, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other provinces and cities of iron and steel plant (rolling mill).

Angle for the large variety of imports, small angle and special shape angle,export varieties for the medium angle such as 6, 7, etc..

4 appearance quality


Angle of the surface quality of the standard provisions, may not exist generally require the use of harmful defects such as delamination, cracks, scarring, etc..

Angle geometry to allow the range of the standard deviation is also provided,generally include curvature, edge width, the edge thickness, dip angle and theoretical weight etc., and provides a significant angle not reverse.

5 chemical composition


(1) composition indexes: the chemical composition of angle steel rolling steel series with the general structure, the main validation indicators C, Mn, P, Sfour. According to the different brands and content varies, generally is in the range of C<0.22%, Mn:0.30 - 0.65%, P<0.060%, S<0.060%.

(2) test method: detect the chemical composition, method for the inspection ofcommon standards GB223, JISG1211 - 1215, BS1837, BS 19, t is the technicalmanual 22536 etc..

6 specifications


Angle steel

GB/T2101 - 89 (general provisions steel acceptance, package, mark andquality certificate); GB9787 - 88/GB9788 - 88 (steel equal / unequal angle steel dimensions, shape, weight and permissible deviations); JISG3192 94(shape, size, hot rolled steel and weight tolerance); DIN17100 80 (qualitystandard steel common structure); gamma is C 535 - 88 (technical conditions of ordinary carbon steel).

According to the provisions of these standards, angle should be a bundle of delivery, the strapping lane, the same bunch length should be specified. Angle is generally within the bare delivery, transport and storage are need to note。

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Q:What is the use of angle steel and channel steel?
Most of the channels are made of trays and cabinets, as well as stationary supports, such as power plants and substations.
Q:What's the size of No. 5 angle iron?
Angle called angle, the steel strip is perpendicular to each other on both sides into the corner. There are equal angles and unequal angles. The two sides of an equal angle steel are equal in width.
Q:Unequal angle steel
Expansion:The dimension of equilateral angle iron is expressed by the width of the edge * the width of the side and the thickness of the millimeter. Such as: 30*30*3, which means that the width of the edge is 30mm, and the thickness of 3mm is equal to the angle of steel. Also available models (Tex) said that the model is the number of centimeters wide. The front angle types symbols "/" models, behind the upper right corner with the symbol "#", such as: / 30#. The specifications for equal angles are 2#-20#.
Q:What do you mean by "corner steel plate pull knot"?
The angle iron can be made up of different force components according to the different structure, and can also be used as the connecting piece between the components. Widely used in a variety of architectural and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, towers, hoisting and conveying machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse.
Q:Where does channel steel use more. Where does angle iron use more?
Hot rolled stainless steel light channel steel (YB164-63) hot rolled light channel steel is a kind of steel with wide legs and thin wall, which has better economic effect than ordinary hot rolled channel steel. Its specifications range from 5-40#. In 1966, standard specifications ranged from 10-40#. Main applications: building and steel structure etc..
Q:What's the chemical reaction between stainless steel and galvanized angle iron?
Stainless steel and galvanized steel angle, if it is bolted, it is best to add non absorbent insulation gasket.
Q:What's the size of the 50 angle iron?
Is the grading angle and side angle and side angle, it has three sides, say according to the above 50*50*3, this is an equal angle on both sides, tianxiangcheng, 50mm, high 3mm.
Q:Decoration materials and what is the difference between the angle steel bracket.
Steel bracket is connected, and the surface material is keel connection decoration, also can be connected with embedded parts of the keel, or connected with a decorative auxiliary frame and so on, he is a small connector, and the angle is the angle steel and is probably a meaning, can be considered to rectangular plates, but the angle is relatively small, not like a big plate!Steel bracket, is composed of a horn steel cutting, and many of the same model can be welded steel bracket! Of course, understanding can be understood, but in reality no corner welded steel!
Q:100 x 100 x 10 equal angle steel, per meter weight?
The weight of each metre is 15.120kg 8*15.120=120.96kgMethod for calculating weight of angle iron:Weight per meter =0.00785* (edge width + edge width - side thickness) * edge thicknessAngle called angle, the steel strip is perpendicular to each other on both sides into the corner. There are equal angles and unequal angles. Equilateral angle steelThe two sides are equal in width. Its specifications are edge width * edge width * edgeA thick millimeter representation.
Q:What material is angle iron?
Angle called angle, the steel strip is perpendicular to each other on both sides into the corner. There are equal angles and unequal angles. The two sides of an equal angle steel are equal in width.

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