The Bulk Cement Truck with 40 Cubic Meters

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China main port
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TT or LC
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2 unit
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30 unit/month

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Product Description:

The Bulk Cement Truck with 40 Cubic MetersModel:CLY5317GFL



The Bulk Cement Truck with 40 Cubic Meters



Overall size (mm)

11980(L)* 2500(W)*3950(H)

Tank body dimension(mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Min. ground  clearence(mm)


Min.  turning diameter(m)


Max. Speed (km/h)




Sino truck



Steering system

Power steering


Manual, 10 speeds

Brake system

Dual circuit air-pressure braking system


Radial tyre,  amount:12+1, type: 12.00R20


A/C  in cab




Max. Power (hp)


Engine type

L6, four  strokes, water-cooled, supercharged inter-cooling

Fuel type

Diesel oil

Tank body parameter

Tank actual volume (m3)


Rated  pressure (Mpa)


Discharge  speed (t/min)

More than  or equal to 1.2

Discharge residual (%)

Less  than 0.3

Top structure

Top  platform , withguard rail

Tool box




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