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Q:What is the thickness of a single layer of light steel keel gypsum board?
Generally 9,12 MM thick 8,10 is wrong
Q:Gypsum board ceiling expansion joints how to deal with, is a direct patch, or the first gypsum powder stitched in the patch bar.
First with gypsum powder slit, in the white latex paste gypsum board caulking paste is a fine semi-water gypsum powder (plaster of graffiti), a variety of additives mixed with gypsum board patchwork processing materials. With high bonding strength, shrinkage deformation is small, good fit, excellent construction performance and so on. Applicable to gypsum board patchwork, fill the nail, large gap. Gypsum board caulking paste mainly by the Western countries to introduce China, since the late 90s of last century in the gypsum board project decoration application. At present the main manufacturers are: Lafarge, can be resistant, dragon, Prades, Jason and so on. □ Main components: plaster, calcium carbonate and additives. □ grass-roots treatment: grass-roots should be a solid without loose, no oil floating ash. □ mixing equipment: mortar consistency to the construction requirements prevail, stirring to be uniform, stirring after 5 minutes and then stirring is appropriate. □ Construction matters: After mixing the mortar used in the use of time, after the barrel should be cleaned again after the preparation of materials, more than the use of time will be cured scrapped. Repair leveling more than 5mm should be sub-sub-scratch. □ Construction temperature: construction temperature above 5 ℃, the curing process is not less than 0 ℃ □ storage and transportation: stored in a cool dry place, shelf life of 12 months. No caking phenomenon, can continue to use. Products non-toxic non-flammable, storage and transportation can be "non-dangerous goods rules" for.
Q:What are the characteristics of the Nexu gypsum board and the ordinary gypsum board?
Because it produces the national standard products, many other non-standard, Taishan is also good, there is the Rafa,
Q:Painting on plasterboard?
I would not recommend a pastel board for acrylic. Buy an ordinary canvas or Masonite board.
Q:Can you hang a large mirror on a plasterboard wall?
There are some large mirror that can stand on their own. For a plasterwall, you need something real strong and you need something to be at the bottom of the mirror, supporting it.
Q:how much to charge when putting up plasterboard. per sheet?
The last time I paid someone to hang drywall, it was about $19 a sheet and included finishing. That is in the state of NC. Probably lower now with the economy.
Q:European-style diamond-shaped sagging ceiling technology
Double gypsum board practice Ignore the original building floor, with light steel keel or wood keel to make the surrounding and the edge of the ceiling, on the first layer of paper gypsum board, with light steel keel method, pay attention to keel The density, fasting. After the scraping porcelain white master scraping white porcelain white. Around the edge of the diamond block with gypsum board to do, please measure the size of the enclosure and then to the computer on the layout Play the drawings, carpentry according to the drawings, cut out the paper gypsum board diamond block, keep the corners intact, not damaged, carpentry use fine lines nail in the edge of the ceiling to spell out the drawings Of the diamond block and fixed, and then carpentry according to the first layer of smallpox steel keel "tofu block" with ink line pop up the keel of the latitude and longitude center line, in the latitude and longitude line position to the diamond With a long self-tapping ceiling screws tightening, after the master porcelain white porcelain according to the normal procedure to repair the ceiling until finished.
Q:Gypsum board of smallpox how to do
Light steel keel combined with wood keel, blockboard substrate, gypsum board finishes.
Q:How do I plaster board?
It needs to be attached to the walls with screws or nails. You should be using concrete board for tiling over a wall.
Q:Gypsum board belongs to what product category
Gypsum board is a kind of material made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is a light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy processing and insulation and fire insulation and other good performance of the building materials, is currently focused on the development of one of the new lightweight sheet

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