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Q:I've got a heavy bathroom cabinet with mirror to an internal plasterboard wall. I was thinking of using plastic plasterboard plugs, for the two screws that hold the whole this going to be strong enough?
Heavy Duty Plasterboard Wall Fixings
Q:the tv weight 11kg
I know it seems a lot of fuss but, when you try to find the wall studs, I bet they wont be exactly where you want them to be. My advise might seem way over the top, but I believe it to be the safest, cut out a square of wallboard between the studs, roughly covering the area of the mounting brackets, fix timber fixings flush with the studs so you have a solid timber fixing where your t.v. mounting brackets are, replace wallboard, tape any joints, fill and sand when dry, you can now mount the brackets.
Q:All the gypsum board joints are cracked what is the reason?
After the decoration, the use of gypsum board to create the shape, and some will crack, because the initial construction, the method should not be or missing steps caused by the main steps are: The gypsum board seams use gypsum powder + engineering glue and paste into the paste Use a fiber crack to attach all the seams. If necessary, need to paste two or three layers. Until the fiber belt thoroughly dry and then put the putty and brush paint. Of course, even if done in accordance with the correct steps, but there will be some cracks, mainly due to weather reasons, dry or wind caused by cracking, there is a very important reason is the shape itself has weight, there will be sedimentation , It will crack, it needs to be settled after the good, the next year to repair the joints, repair the general will not be cracked. I hope my answer is helpful to you.
Q:We have a wall in between a bedroom & the landing that bows when you press it.We pulled some paper off to see what was underneath & plaster crumbled away, theres now 2 big holes in the wall & it seems only the paper is holding it together.You can see the wood slats under the plaster but they are very weak. We are desperate to get this sorted so we can put our house on the market . We've been told to just bang plasterboard on top of it all, we were going to crumble all of the old plaster off & then apply plasterboard.Can anyone suggest what would be best? Thanks
it seem the wall is lathe and plaster ...if you look at the plaster carefully you will see hairs sticking out from it ...this is horse hair was put in to give a better grip as the hairs curled around the gaps in the lathe have two choices ..either remove loose plaster ...pva exposed lathes ..then apply BONDING COAT plaster ..and then skim ..or remove all plaster ..and board over ..the upright studs will be spaced at 16centres ..scrim the joints and plaster with BOARD FINISH
Q:Hello!I've purchased a large mirror for my room and realized that I don't have any wall plugs that would be long enough to reach the load-bearing wall and I've never used wall plugs for the plasterboard wall in front of it.To be honest I have no idea which ones to buy.How much weight and which ones can handle. And is it even a good idea to use plasterboard wall plugs or should I just get longer ones which will reach the load-bearing wall?Thanks!
I would use toggle anchors if its a hollow wall behind the drywall. Wall plugs can come loose in my experience. But you will have a decent sized hole in the wall to repair if you take them out - but same with the plugs too.
Q:GRC is not commonly known as gypsum board
GRC's main raw materials are: high-strength cement, sand (quartz sand) glass fiber, steel and other production, the color is yellow with white, the main purpose is outdoor decoration, Gypsum board: also known as silicon calcium board, the main raw material is gypsum powder, made of fiber, the color is pure white, the main purpose is the indoor ceiling decoration,
Q:Gypsum board does not brush the wall solid straight putty line okay
Gypsum board is made through the keel as the main support, the surface fixed gypsum board. This structure, between the gypsum board will leave a seam (this is not a problem, but will certainly exist), so the first thing to solve is the crack crack. Gypsum board crack crack, need to use caulking products, while using kraft paper bandage as anti-cracking material. After doing this, the surface is best to seal once. Because the surface of the gypsum board is paper, the water resistance of the paper is relatively poor, it is easy to be blisters rotten. Do a good job after sealing, because the surface of the gypsum board is relatively flat, so do not need to do thick leveling, do fine leveling directly (that is, putty putty). Gypsum board is a kind of material made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is a light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy processing and insulation and fire insulation and other properties of better building materials, is currently focused on the development of one of the new lightweight sheet. Gypsum board has been widely used in residential, office buildings, shops, hotels and industrial plants and other buildings within the wall, wall panels (instead of wall plaster layer), ceilings, sound-absorbing panels, ground floor boards and the Such as decorative plates. China's production of gypsum board are: gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, gypsum hollow slab, fiber gypsum board, gypsum sound-absorbing panels, positioning gypsum board.
Q:My budgies loves pecking dried palm leaves and enjoys sitting on my curtains. I have put some dried palm leaves on the curtain pole to keep her occupied when she is up there. However, recently she has started to peck at the corners of the wall where the recess for the window is.Is there anything I can put on the walls to prevent this? I don't want her getting ill because of the paint and I don't want holes in the walls but I also don't want to stop her sitting on the curtains - she's so relaxed there she often goes to sleep up there for hours.
get a peice of paper stickie stape the paper onto the wall whenever she is up there when she isnt remove the paper she will poke on the paper rather than the wall.
Q:Replace rippled plasterboard tape?My house's interior walls are all plasterboard - not plaster on brick. As is usual with modern houses (built 1995) the vertical joints at the corners of the walls are joined by plasterboard tape. Unfortunately due to differential expansion/contraction the tape has become rippled. As I am about to paint a bedroom, should I replace the rippled tape with new plasterboard tape and apply some kind of polyfilla, smooth and sand it, OR expect continued minor movement and fill the corners with some kind of decorators caulk instead of plasterboard tape?I should add I think the movement is because the walls are made of different materials - one is an end wall - plasterboard on brickwork, the other a sloping ceiling, presumably plasterboard nailed to batons?? So, different degrees of exapnsion / contraction according to the temperature rather than settlement.
Inside corner or outside corner? Inside corner use Plaster Patch and more drywall tape. Apply with a putty knife,let dry,sand. You might need a second coat. After that prime,then paint. Outside corner I would use some corner bead then plaster patch or spackle.
Q:can i tile straight on plasterboard?
Yes - our bathroom has survived 40 years straight on to plasterboard. Provided you grout properly and seal along the edges of the fittings you'll be fine. Whatever you do, don't think it'll be a good idea to use PVA as a primer - it goes all gooey some time later and the tiles drop off. There's a website about that issue somewhere, but I forget where.

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