Stainless Steel Waterproof Watch Mobile Phone W6

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$52.80 / set
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300pcs set
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20000 Pcs Per Month set/month

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Stainless Steel Waterproof Watch Mobile Phone W6


hands-free calls, SMS group sending, Voice recorder, WAP, Handwritten input   Bluetooth, GPRS download, MMS, SMS, memory expansion, e-books                      

calendar, reminder,alarm clock, world time, stopwatch, health management          

calculator, unit exchange rates, IP dialing, FM, JAVA, MSN, QQ, etc.;


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Q:Are T-Mobile Phones unlocked?
If I were to go to a T-Mobile store, and buy, say a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, for FULL price, could I use it with another carrier like ATT, or Straight Talk? ------------ no…. tmobile wont sell you’re a phone at full price no matter how much you beg them Do T-Mobile phones come unlocked since I did buy it full price? ---------- no, contract, subsidy, or full price still means its locked. 1) Wireless Carrier stores, called CORS (company owned retail stores), do not sell phones at full price to non-customers. Either you are already a customer of theirs…. Or…. plan on being a customer of theirs in the next 10-15 minutes. Lmao 2) Branded wireless carrier phones sold at Full Price (499-699) on national retailer sotres and sites (walmart, amazon, radioshack, best buy) are locked to that carrier. You must call the carrier to obtain the unlock code. 3) Non-branded wireless carrier phones are sold ONLY by the OEM and are naturally unlocked, may/may not have additional hardware/software installed than basic wireless carrier versions, and are geared, mod’d more to developers and techs rather than the idiot sheeple of the general public. They are $699-$999…
Q:which operating system is best for using internet on mobile phones?
iPhone is a toy, not a mobile phone. If you make the mistake and buy it, make sure you learn how to hold it right so that it doesn't drop the calls. Windows Mobile? Not even Microsoft employees use that, they never did. There's talk about a new Windows Phone 7 OS coming out but there's no reason to get your hopes up about that being anything decent. Android is nothing but linux with java on top. Have you ever used linux on your PC? It sucks. Only hackers love it because they can change everything on it and they are happy if for making a phone call they have to use a command line like: dial --5554323 --nodtms --nogui ;) Have you ever used Java? It is ugly and slow. No wonders that even Nokia could't make a linux phone with a battery life of more than 4 hours. So your only option is Symbian, the best option out there for now. Excellent battery life from an OS designed for mobile, with gorgeous devices designed by Nokia and perfect build quality. Plenty of apps are available for you, the latest Nokia N8 can play games or video on your HD tv and browsing, over WLAN or 3G is a joy. The phone plays any video you want, straight from the internet, be it flash (youtube) or xvid (torrent)
Q:which t-mobile phone is better.?
Between those 3, I would definitely have to say the Curve 8900(a.k.a. Curve 2). I bought that phone on the 11th when it was released and it is the best phone I have ever owned. The screen has an amazingly high resolution for the size and is very clear. It has a 3.2 MP camera with a flash that takes great pictures. It is also the thinnest full QWERTY Blackberry on the market. The processor in the 8900 is almost twice the speed of the processor in the first Curve. Like the first Curve(T-Mobile's at least), this phone also has wifi browsing and wifi calling features(UMA, can be used to make calls over wifi with the unlimited hotspot calling add-on). It also has good battery life. It doesn't have 3G like the G1 does, but to me that wasn't important. It also supports microSD SDHC memory cards, and has a 3.5mm audio jack.
Q:What does it mean by 'mobile phone unlocking'?
Mobiles only work to one network such as O2, orange, vodafone, and will not work with any other sim card. By unlocking it you make it so that any sim card and therefore any network can be used. I'm not sure how it's done but i know it involves a computer. I had mine unlocked and took it to the market, they did it for £10.
Q:T Mobile Phone Question??
yeah usually they do. if its a T-mobil phone itll work
Q:T-mobile phone question?
Well you can check the balance with #674#. And if you actually want to read them you can do so online. Or you can request that tmobile send them to you over email or us mail. Hope this helps when calling ask to speak with a technical support representative.
Q:How Do Mobile Phones Interfere With Flight Stystems?
It's not just mobile phones but all hand held electronic devices are to be turned off during take off and landings. This came about long before cell phones. The reason being, when the first portable radios came out they produced a radio frequency called IF frequency, which happened to be the same IF frequency that the aircraft radio receivers used. Having both radios on at the same time could cause problems. AM receivers still use the same IF frequency, but now the transmitted signal is a lot less than the days of tubes. But to be on the safe side, the FAA still bans all hand held electronics.
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Talking okorder
Q:Mobile phone confusion HELP!?
Droid 2. qwerty keyboard, touchscreen, internet and Apps.
Q:Can you buy a T-Mobile phone and use it on a Verizon carrier??
No, it will NOT work. Verizon's phones and network are CDMA, which doesn't use sim cards. T-Mobile's phones and network are GSM which require a sim card in order to work. They are two completely different technologies and are not compatible with each other. Even if you get an unlocked GSM phone, it will not work with a CDMA carrier.
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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2013
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China; Mid East;Western Europe
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 3 People
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Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Cheap, professional