Solpe (Incline) Belt Conveyor

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

solpe (incline) belt conveyor

dimensions make as per customer required

(automotive or manual)

solpe (incline) belt conveyor, belt with strip

frame material: carbon steel, aluminum, stainless

control: fixed, adjustable

sensor control optioanl

food grade belt optional

assemble with caster, with brake

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Q:The factory made a 2-meter-long small conveyor belt, do not know what kind of motor and control?
Q:For the first time by plane. The The My luggage checked, where did the plane get luggage?
After the plane will have a place to send luggage out, is the passengers must pass, there will be logo, and your flight number, and you will be on the plane with the people waiting for that.
Q:What is the motor in the conveyor belt.
You use this governor to use a governor control, commonly used in low-power motor, 400W below the use of common 200W following motor, speed control panel + motor cost is low, more than 400W using the inverter control, the motor is asynchronous motor, There are two phases and three phases.
Q:What is the motor used in the pipeline in the factory?
Not seen but can refer to the three-phase asynchronous motor, in order to facilitate speed adjustment, the use of inverter frequency control motor speed, if you do not need speed control occasions, the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor on it.
Q:I would like to use photoelectric switch control conveyor belt
It depends on the size of the object you deliver, the line speed. Time relay to add a self-locking circuit.
Q:How is the motor on the conveyor belt?
Motor and reducer are provided by the state
Q:If there is a conveyor belt, use a smaller force to push the gear so that the other side of the larger force of the gear rotation
As long as the size of the appropriate proportion, very easy to do. This is the principle of the reducer. Nothing more than a small tooth to go high speed, big teeth output slow.
Q:Hello, I would like to consult the power between the conveyor and the motor is the same Mody, is not the conversion of the formula is what ah
Is the motor does not transfer the conveyor belt can do work
Q:To design a conveyor belt, ask the motor power, how to choose the wheel, to add what the inverter?
Speed belt belt / drive the best, the roller can be added 3 ¤ 10mm (short), the electronic governor has not been able to tune 3 phase, 1.5KW motor is enough, of course, but also control the electrical leakage, Open,
Q:The motor has a fixed diameter wheel, connecting the conveyor belt. Conveyor belt with a large round of walking slow
The same reason, the small wheel when pulling the big wheel of the motor power to torque, so the case of the same speed, the small wheel with a large wheel faster, on the contrary, the big wheel to drag the ferry, the motor turn fast , While the ferry was pulled by the conveyor belt, the ratio should be 2: 1, that is, the motor with two horsepower, the wheels only to accept a match
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