Small Crawler Tracked Bulldozer 220HP Tractor

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Decscription for 220HP 

Type:Crawler Bull Dozer


Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000


L * W * H (Ripper Not Included):5750 * 3725 * 3395

Operating Weight (Ripper Not Included):23.4


Rated Power:162/1800kw/Rpm


Blade Type:Straight Tilt Blade U-Blade

Blade Width:Straight Tilt Blade 3725 * 1315

Dozing Capacity:Dozing Capacity

Lift Height of Blade:1210

Ripper Type:Single Ripper Three-Shank Ripper

Export Markets:Global


Features for  220HP 

The bulldozer is the new generation of the TY220. It's equipped with a hexahedron damping cab, which features a beautiful design, wide visibility, and comfortable operation, as well as a highly efficient charged engine, which has excellent power, reliability and a long service life. It is also equipped with an improved hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology, front-extending anti-rolling frame and an advanced structure, providing reliable quality and convenient and flexible operation. patented central lubrication technology, central pressure measurement and automatic track tensioning, as well as a GPS satellite positioning system. With options such as straight tilt, angle, U type and semi-U type blades, single/triple shank rippers and a mechanical winch, the bulldozer has various capabilities allowing it to adapt to and work in a wide range of earth moving projects.


Specifications for  220HP 

Small Crawler Tracked Bulldozer 220HP  Tractor


Pictures for  220HP 


Small Crawler Tracked Bulldozer 220HP  Tractor

Small Crawler Tracked Bulldozer 220HP  Tractor




FAQ  for

Q:what is the rypper type?

A:Three-shank ripper/Single ripper Three-shank ripper/Single ripper 695,Three-shank ripper 666


Q:What is dozing capacity?

A:Straight tilt blade 4.5 U blade 5 Angle blade 4.3/Straight tilt blade 6.4,U blade 7.5,Semi-U blade 7.0,Angle blade 4.7

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Q:What do you call those machines that dig?
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Q:What does AMD bulldozer CPU have?
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Q:What is the difference between a bulldozer and a grader? Why?
I think bulldozer power is relatively strong, can drive heavier heavy things, used for the whole day, is characterized by great strength, but not so flat, for example, such as stone filled embankment or earth embankment, bulldozers preliminary leveling.The flat knife edge in front and rear wheel, mainly used for leveling, leveling accuracy is relatively high, but the intensity is relatively small. For example, when the asphalt road surface, what kind of roughness required to slope, the use of leveling machine more accurate.

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