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Q:My psu came with a U.S power cable could I use this?
so?? if you want to use it, go ahead baby!!
Q:hook 2 amps up using 2 power cables from battery?
yes but the battery might die out fast
Q:Seller didnt include power cables with monitor I purchasedon OKorder.?
The cables that go with monitors are generally pretty generic. I have piles of extra cables lying around myself, if I was in your position I'd probably walk about ten feet over that way and pull out the cables I need from there. The only thing that would worry me, in your position, is whether that monitor actually works at all. You wouldn't know until you plugged in the cables and tried it now would you. You can probably get whatever cables you need for next to nothing out of some local electronics junk shop, or from craigslist. People often just give away junk like that, just to get rid of it.
Q:When adding second internal drive to Dell OPTIPLEX 780 do I have to get another power cable and data cable?
You will have to get a SATA data cable. The power cable going to your current HD has a connector for a second drive. _
Q:power cable for internal dvd player?
internal dvd player there will be a power cable in the computer that is coming from the power supply box
Q:Why do some houses in the UK have orange Electrical Conduit Pipe over the power cable?
It is to protect the cable and people and animals. It stops animals chewing and protects in case of hitting the cable.
Q:Why do power cables have a big sag in the middle?
gravity. Power lines are not light. If you try to pull them tighter, to reduce the amount of sag you can break the line itself, or put tremendous strain on the support towers.
Q:I desperetly need your help PLEASE!!! My PS3 power cable got taken!?
that sucks!!! and weird, when i was boarding a plane, they kept all my stuff, but they did check it.... the best thing you should do, is buy a new one from online and let it go to your destination.
Q:New power cable for this GPU!?
Your power supply should have the cable it needs. It has a 6+2-Pin so that you can snap it together to form an 8 pin.
Q:Can I use a USB cable for 12V power cable?
I believe usb cables supply 5 volts. You might want to check that before you fry something.

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