Shandong Embellish Warp-Knitted Geogrids

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Warp-Knitted Geogrids

Polyester geogrid high strength fiber (polyester warp knitting polyester geogrid, polyester geogrid), USES the high strength sea black silk ribbon industry filament grid cloth after the warp knitting direction detection, the coating is processed into geogrid. Used in soft soil project and ground treatment and roadbed, dike reinforcement enhancements, reduce the project cost in order to improve the construction quality.

Polyester geogrid product application:

1, highway, railway, municipal roads and other road soft soil roadbed reinforcement enhancements, can effectively improve the strength of subgrade, delay the reflective crack of road.

2, dam in hydraulic engineering, river of reinforcement, isolation, strengthening soft soil foundation, strengthen its protection ability, improve the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation.

3, used for reinforced embankment slope, retaining wall reinforcement, enhance the overall strength.

Polyester geogrid features:

High tensile strength, tensile strength, with the soil crushed stone binding force strong.

Product specifications and performance parameters (the warp knitting polyester geogrid standard

Performance specifications 20 D - D - 20-30 D - 30-40 D - 40-50-50-80 - D - 80 - D - 100-100

Elongation % 10% - 15%

Intensity (KN/m) longitudinal 20 30 to 40 to 50, 80, 100

Transverse 20 30 to 40 to 50, 80, 100

The grid (12.5 x 12.5 x 12.7 12.5 mm) 25 x 25 25.4 x 25.4 x 25.7 25.4 30 x 30 to 40 * 40 to 50 * 50

Width (m) 1-6 1-6 1-1-1-1-6 June


1, our company produces the geogrid regular grid size of 12.7 mm and 25.4 mm.

2, regular width is 2 m, 4 m and 6 m.

3, the strength of the geogrid, width, and the grid size can customize according to the requirement of the user

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Q:In the reinforced earth retaining wall, the geogrid is connected with the panel
If the precast or cast-in-place concrete panel and the prefabricated block are used as the wall surface, when the utility model is manufactured, the clipping geogrid with transverse ribs is anchored to the block structure. When installed with a connecting rod like a pin. If it is anti wrap form, the lower end of the direct and the upper part of the corresponding part of the link with the connecting rod after the tension, and then fill compacted.
Q:The difference between polyester glass fiber cloth and glass geogrid
Hello, this is two different products
Q:Geogrid and geotextile, the role is the same?
In short, the role of geogrid is to stabilize the roadbed, extend the service life of the road
Q:Geogrid is divided into several?
Glass fiber grid warp knitted grid one-way geogrid two-way grid steel grating
Q:Geogrid grille read Shan or Zha?
Geogrid - geosynthetic material used for reinforcement by a regular mesh tensile band,
Q:Municipal road engineering in the glass fiber grille what role?
Fiberglass geogrid is mainly used for old road reconstruction, the main purpose is to reduce reflection cracks.Fiberglass geogrid with glass fiber rovings as the main raw material, the reticular structure material of the knitting process, to protect and improve the overall use of polyester glass fiber geogrid with high strength aramid fibre filament, warp knitting weaving cloth after directional grid slab, geotechnical grille into coated processing
Q:Geogrid price? Solution!
3 for the road surface, so that the grid and pavement materials are mixed together, can effectively disperse the load transfer, to prevent road cracks;4 can withstand a certain impact load;5 can withstand large alternating load;6 shorten the construction cycle;7 in harsh environmental conditions, can also be constructed;8 can prevent frost caused by surface subsidence and crack;9 can reduce the amount of pavement material;
Q:Glass fiber grille is not geogrid
Yes, one of the three categories of geogrid. Fiberglass grille is another kind of glass fiber geogrid.
Q:What is the purpose of this approach for the treatment of geogrid slopes in embankment slopes?
The use of geogrid is simply to the road with a layer of nerve, connecting roads, extend the life of the road, to enhance the anti pressure of the road, on the road slope with geogrid is to maintain water and soil, has a fixed, but the way you say is permeable to water the road, plus the geogrid is add a layer of insurance, geogrid is here, ha ha
Q:One-way plastic geogrid TGDG120 how qualified
One way plastic geogrid is mainly used in Subgrade Reinforcement Engineering

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