Semi-electric Stacker-- SPN05

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CharacteristicsModel of manufacture SPN0517-610×610SPN0520-610×610SPN0517-760×820SPN0520-760×820
Power supply(electric,diesel,petrols,gas,
main electric)
Type of operation(hand,pedestrian,
strand on,ride seated,order picker)
Capacity/rated loadQ(kg)500500500500
Load center distanceC mm380380455455
WheelbaseY mm90590510601060
WeightWeight(including battery)kg210220220230
Wheels typesTyres(rubber,Vulkollan,pneumatic,
polyurethane front/rear)
Tyre size,frontmmФ180×150
Tyre size,rearmmФ126×50
Wheels,number(x=drive wheel front/rear) 2/2
Track width(rear)b11 mm460460719719
DimensionsLowered mast heighth1 mm2034233420342334
Lift heighth3 mm1730193017301930
Extended mast heighth4 mm2034233420342334
Tiller height loweredh14 mm770/1153
Fork height loweredh13 mm145
Overall lengthl1 mm1220122013701370
Length to front face of forkl2 mm610
Overall widthb1 mm715715760760
Platform dimensionss/l/e mm50/610/61050/610/61050/760/82050/760/820
Overall fork widthb5 mm61061082050/760/820
Working aisle with 800×800 pallet lengthwiseAst mm1930193020802080
Turning radiusWa mm1150115013051305
PerformanceLift speed,laden/unladenmm/s150/295
Lowering speed,laden/unladenmm/s180/100
Parking brake Manual
Electric motorLifting motorKW1.6
Battery voltage,normal capacityV/Ah12/150
Battery weight +/-5%kg45


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Q:Simple manual lifting mechanism, a nut a bolt can
The lifting device does not have to be bearing, the screw is long, it is fixed in the round hole of the bottom panel, and the spiral of the screw is lowered by the spin of the screw
Q:There is no elevator on the 7th floor of the home to install a lift or lift
Comrade as an ordinary elevator work I tell you, the guerrillas installation of lifts is commonly used or is directly discarded ladder refurbished, safety exist great hidden trouble. If you see your family's life as a game, you can take a baidu elevator and install team.
Q:The characteristic of shear fork platform
The fixed platform shall be equipped with the requirements of use, and the attached devices shall be configured for any combination such as the safety protection device of the platform.
Q:What about the heat treatment of the lifting platform?
The silk rods are generally used for the processing of the adjustment, and the semi-finishing process is a stabilizing stress treatment.
Q:Is the music console working? Want to start a, afraid to buy expensive again.
And, it's easy to adjust, because the built-in gas spring, the girl can adjust the height easily. At the same time, 150 cm to 185 height is suitable.
Q:Does the shear fork lift stand belong to special equipment?
In the light of the special equipment safety supervision regulations, hoisting machinery definition: refers to used for vertical lifting or vertical and horizontal moving heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, its range is rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5 t lift.
Q:What is the elevating platform for automatic mahjong machine?
The bearings and screws on the lifting mechanism fell off. Solution: open the lid of the machine box under the mahjong machine, and you can see a circular black iron piece fixed on the motor, with a screw hole in it. Find screws and bearings in the box, spring pads, some machines and nuts. Just fix it up.
Q:What is the difference between elevator and elevator platform and high-altitude platform
The elevator will use the motor to reverse the deceleration and pull the cable to lift the basket. The platform, like the high-altitude operating platform, USES hydraulic oil to pressurize or unload the platform.
Q:What is the hydraulic platform driven
The engine or motor drive oil pump can also be used manually.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:The principle of hydraulic platform is controlled by foot switch
When stepping down, the oil line to the left of the cylinder is connected, and the oil cylinder on the right side of the cylinder is returned to the oil and the platform rises. When lifting the foot, the oil line to the right of the oil cylinder is connected, and the oil cylinder on the left side of the cylinder is returned to the oil port and the platform drops. The commutator valve can be divided into several, such as: stop, positive, negative or positive. The above is the simplest of all, which can actually be used to implement sequential actions of multiple hydraulic cylinders through sequential valves, or more complex actions.

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