Scaffolding Girder Couplers British Type for Sale

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100000 kg/month

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Scaffolding Girder Couplers British Type for Sale


1.The scaffolding coupler is always used to connect the steel pipe as scaffolding system.

2.The often used coupler is swivel coupler and righ angle coupler .

3.We can provide types of scaffolding coupler according to your requirement.

4.Couoler can fix the 48.3mm scaffolding steel pipe tightly and make the whole scaffolding system more steadily.

5.Material:Q235 steel

6.Overall Size:48.3mm*48.3mm

7.Surface Finish: Galvanized/ Painted



10.Manufactuering as per customer requirements

Scaffolding Girder Couplers British Type for Sale


(1)Excellent Anti-Breaking—Cold Pressed Steel

(2)Outstanding Resistance Deformation

(3)Strong Anti-Dropping Ability

(4)Longtime USe

(5)Qualtity Guaranteed

(6)OEM Service


Scaffolding Girder Couplers British Type for Sale

Scaffolding Girder Couplers British Type for Sale

Scaffolding Girder Couplers British Type for Sale


Surface finishGalvanized
Weight1.1kg around
Package25pcs/bag,steel pallet
As per customer requirement
MarketAfrica, South America, the Middle East and Asia


Q: Are you a factory or trading company?    

We are a state-owned corporation in China,dealing with various kinds of building materials.We have our holding subsidiaries.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?    

Our factory is located all around China.

Q: Can I get some samples?    

Sample is free, customer only pay freight for the first time. 

Q: Delivery?

10-30days. (5-15 containers)

Any question,feel free to contact us.

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Q:is a off shore scaffold er class as a trade?
Scaffolder is not considered to be a trade in Australia and is not included on any lists of occupations that are eligible for an immigration visa. Having a job offer or employer sponsorship makes no difference - the occupation is simply not eligible. The occupation is ANZSCO code 821712 Scaffolder and no Level 8 occupations are included on any lists.
Q:Roof 1 meter five of the building how to set up a template
Xianxian North Road, building materials factory very good, you can find the Google search
Q:Does having a scaffold piercing hurt?
The tragus isn't painful in any respect. It has no nerve endings so which you sense much less discomfort with that than you may with the different cartilage piercing. i could think of that it hurts much less to heal than a scaffold simply by fact this is out of ways. What I propose is, a scaffold piercing gets interior the way of having dressed, brushing hair, drowsing and so on. yet a tragus isn't that undesirable simply by fact this is closer on your head. with a bit of luck that made experience haha.
Q:Is there any secondary construction division exams over the years? (Municipal) can pass a thank you
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Q:"Construction of fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications" in the page 69 Table c-4 "minimum number 4" how to understand
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Q:Ok are industrial and scaffolding piercings bassically the same thing?
No the industrial goes across the top of the ear, a scaffolding goes down the length of the ear with a corkscrew kind of jewelry and you get several piercings at the same time.
Q:Should the staircase be installed in the scaffolding system?
No. It would add too many points of failure and create a safety hazard.
Q:what is scaffold in tissue engineering?
it's the structure that the tissue attaches or grows on. This scaffold supports the tissue and causes the shape. An ear would be an example of scaffolding by allowing an implantable framework to be placed under the skin on the back of a rat. Tissue will then grow and attach.
Q:uses of scaffolding?
Primary purpose is to provide access to elevated structures so that work can be done. Unfortunately, the other useful purpose for a scaffold isn't used any more in Australia.
Q:What are the site safety regulations for building safety management?
After finishing the roof leveling, listen to the weather forecast, in the forecast of 3-4 days of good weather in the case of continuous roof waterproof construction, inspection and timely protection of the construction layer

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