Scaffolding Forged Coupler British Type for Sale

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100000 kg/month
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Scaffolding Forged Coupler British Type for Sale


1.The scaffolding coupler is always used to connect the steel pipe as scaffolding system.

2.The often used coupler is swivel coupler and righ angle coupler .

3.We can provide types of scaffolding coupler according to your requirement.

4.Couoler can fix the 48.3mm scaffolding steel pipe tightly and make the whole scaffolding system more steadily.

5.Material:Q235 steel

6.Overall Size:48.3mm*48.3mm

7.Surface Finish: Galvanized/ Painted



10.Manufactuering as per customer requirements

Scaffolding Forged Coupler British Type for Sale


(1)Excellent Anti-Breaking—Cold Pressed Steel

(2)Outstanding Resistance Deformation

(3)Strong Anti-Dropping Ability

(4)Longtime USe

(5)Qualtity Guaranteed

(6)OEM Service


Scaffolding Forged Coupler British Type for Sale

Scaffolding Forged Coupler British Type for Sale

Scaffolding Forged Coupler British Type for Sale


Surface finishGalvanized
Weight1.1kg around
Package25pcs/bag,steel pallet
As per customer requirement
MarketAfrica, South America, the Middle East and Asia


Q: Are you a factory or trading company?    

We are a state-owned corporation in China,dealing with various kinds of building materials.We have our holding subsidiaries.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?    

Our factory is located all around China.

Q: Can I get some samples?    

Sample is free, customer only pay freight for the first time. 

Q: Delivery?

10-30days. (5-15 containers)

Any question,feel free to contact us.

Q:My mom has given me permission to get a piercing, So far i have narrowed it down to an Eyebrow or an Industrial (Scaffold) I'm pretty pain tolerant so pain is the last thing on my mind... No pain no gain!! I don't care about the healing period... I have photo-shopped my face and put these 2 on me... tell me which one looks better!
The only problem i experienced was having a slight scar and my eyebrow hairs growing in a slightly off direction. Did i feel punk rock when I had it, yes. But, i wouldn't do it again. i have one mazing eyebrow, really hot. And another that's a little different/assymetrical. I would reconsider. I always wished i had my tongue pierced or my lip, like between the lower lip and chin. That is so hot on a a gal...or a guy.
Q:What does their reaction reveal about Puritan society?
Some want to punish her further--one specifically suggests branding Hester on the forehead; another proposes death. A third says that Hester will always keep the mark in heart. (This is all in Chapter II.) To be fair some of these women are fat and ugly and hefty enough (They were her countrywomen: and the beef and ale of their native land, with a moral diet not a whit more refined, entered largely into their composition) so some of this harshness comes from jealousy, since Hester is quite attractive. The remarks as a whole reveal an unforgiving, stern society with lots of pettiness and little room for generosity of spirit, compassion, or empathy.
Q:Scaffolding by probability limit state design of what the expression
With a strip of steel made of each layer of about 10 or more steel bars, when the building rises, in the top plus a few layers of steel can be added. It is the use of triangular ingots, and it also needs to pull the cables around to keep the balance, just like the country's poles.
Q:thanks in advance
I suspect it varies depending on where you go to get it done, bit like asking how much is a scaffold piercing in America
Q:A 3.0 m long steel chain is stretched out along the top level of a horizontal scaffold at a construction site, in such a way that x = 1.6 m of the chain remains on the top level and y = 1.4 m hangs vertically. (See the figure.) At this point, the force on the hanging segment is sufficient to pull the entire chain over the edge. Once the chain is moving, the kinetic friction is so small that it can be neglected. How much work is performed on the chain by the force of gravity as the chain falls from the point where 1.6 m remains on the scaffold to the point where the entire chain has left the scaffold? (Assume that the chain has a linear weight density of 32 N/m.)
I'd look at this situation this way: The picture of chain lying on scaffold at the start has the center of mass (CM) of hanging part of chain at y/2 = 1.4/2 = 0.7 m from top of scaffold. At the finish, the entire chain is hanging in air with its CM at a distance = (1.6 + 1.4)/2 = 3/2 = 1.5 m from top of scaffold. So the change in CM position during the entire downward movement equals: 1.5 - 0.7 = 0.8 m. In first picture described above, the gravitational force on the hanging chain = (32)(1.4) = 44.8 N. In last picture entire chain hangs vertically off scaffold, gravitational force = chain weight = (32)(3) = 96 N. The average weight of chain pulling downward during the chain's movement = (44.8 + 96)/2 = 70.4 N Work done by the force of gravity on chain = (70.4)(0.8) = 56 J ANS
Q:I was hugging my friend today and her hair got caught in my scaffold piercing and pulled it quite hard it really hurt like a stinging feeling and there was little bits of blood...Could the piercing be damaged or infected???
take antibiotics. when theres puss it means ts infected
Q:I have to write an essay on the use of the scaffold in the novel. The first use is in the beginning when Hester is standing on it for public punishment. The third time is at the end, when Dimmesdale pleads for forgiveness and then dies. I am confused on the second time it is used. Any ideas?
Dimmesdale is on the scaffold twice - the use of it in the novel in order 1st On this day Hester is led to the town scaffold and harangued by the town fathers, but she again refuses to identify her child’s father 2nd when they encounter Dimmesdale atop the town scaffold, trying to punish himself for his sins. Hester and Pearl join him, and the three link hands. Dimmesdale refuses Pearl’s request that he acknowledge her publicly the next day, 3rd Dimmesdale, leaving the church after his sermon, sees Hester and Pearl standing before the town scaffold. He impulsively mounts the scaffold with his lover and his daughter, and confesses publicly, exposing the mark supposedly seared into the flesh of his chest.
Q:which should i choose?good reasoning? ( why )
I personally would go with the contacts. Contacts make life so much easier than wearing glasses. Industrial piercings are notoriously hard to heal. Most places will pierce you with the long barbell when really they should pierce you with two separate and shorter barbells in order to minimize tugging on the jewelry. Plus, your hair with all its oils/hair products gets in it, and it's cartilage, which is always difficult to pierce and heal. Most people I know that have this piercing have ugly hypertrophic scarring to go with it. So I say, get your contacts now, wait and get a piercing later.
Q:My cartilage got infected so I wanna take it off, but obv I can't take it off because of he infection, so I was wondering if I can change it to one of those barbells they use to hide your piercings in work and stuff, but that barbell is made of plastic I guess and I have stainless steel on, so I was wondering if Anything could happen or I can just change it
My industrial (scaffold) piercing got infected about six months after I got it pierced and I took out my bar and switched it to a new bar and it actually helped clear up the infection. You've had it long enough you can change the piercing and changing the bar might help with the infection. Just make sure you clean the piercing with a warm sea salt soak daily and the infection with clear up a lot faster. Good luck!
Q:I want to do something like this for an engagement ring…
I'm sorry, I can't answer your question, but wanted to say that the ring is gorgeous! I don't care for diamonds but the design is so neat and different. Very pretty. You should take a print-out of that ring to a jeweller in your area. My brother had his fiance's ring custom-made because he could only find what he wanted to get her online. Someone should be able to create a ring like that for you.

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