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We are a specialized company for machine vises , whoseproducts are exported to Europe and America as well as developed countries .Wehave Q12,Q13,Q41,QM,QMN series .All the products have high precision ,and reasonabledesigns and reach the JB/T2329-11 standards .

Weare insisting that the quality is first and reputation is the best. We refocusing on our quality and innovation , We are looking forward to havingopportunities to set up more business relations with customers from all overthe word and establish the long-term cooperation with best products and perfectafter-service.

  Q13(QB) SeriesMachine Vice

Performance and character:

1. It adopts the high-quality cast irons.

2. Both parallelismand verticality about the two jaws are 0.025mm/100mm.

3. It is widelyused for the milling machine and the drilling machine to              process some surface,slots and holes.

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Q:Is the screw of a vice clamp a silk stick?
Pitch choice: the larger the pitch, the faster the movement tongs, but the smaller the clamps. In contrast, the smaller the pitch, the slower the speed of the tongs, but the greater the clamping force, the typical example is the thread jack. The pitch suggestion is 2mm, that is the handwheel to turn a circle, the activity forceps the mouth to move 2mm
Q:How to calibrate the CNC milling machine tongs
To find a better table or magnetic platform with a horizontal plane, use the calibration table to verify that its horizontal error is small. The existing top of the workpiece is placed on the table or on the magnetic platform, and the verticality of the semicircle and the "bottom" is measured with the school table, and the right Angle of the processing is confirmed.
Q:What is mechanical vice material
Cast steel!The price is also higher。I hope my answer will help you。
Q:Will the bench work on the bench vice?
The work of the bench is based on the work of the fitter, which is made of wood
Q:How to position the pongs
Flat vice positioning: the first is to place the flat to the position of vice (basically flat) clean up, and then a layer of anti-rust oil to clean up the bottom of the vice, a layer of anti-rust oil reservation will vice placed in want to place the position of vice, plain vice grip on to the workers themselves, visual jaw to workers from each of the two surfaces of roughly parallel to the right direction, will be flat on both sides of the vice two fixed screw knob (also some flat vice with hexagonal screw nut) must be clockwise gently lock moderately,
Q:All of the double force vice is designed with the same high design?
It's national The model of machine vice is based on the standard of one machine, the type of machine tool accessories. 160 - the main parameter jaw width 160 mm B - type codenamed rotary machine with vice Q - the codename machine USES vice
Q:Common production desk vice, 45 # steel make the clamp plate, how to make pattern
The heat treatment process can not be detailed, such as the control of temperature rise, the control of the insulation time, the small size of the small size 20 * 25 * 200 small steel bars, a batch of about 300Kg
Q:What is the industry, what field?
Vice is generally used in mechanical processing industry, divided into two kinds of machine with vice and vise, the former is used for machining on the machine tool clamping for processing parts, which is installed on the bench work clamping for processing parts, so that the bench manual operation.
Q:What is the width of the tongs? Is it the same thing?
I check "QBT 1558.2-1992 vice bench vice", The width of the vice jaw is the same as the opening. If you want "QBT 1558.2-1992 vice bench vice" electronic press, give email address.
Q:How to hit the sink hole of the pincers with two screws.
Method has a good variety of, see which one do you prefer, today the mood is good, just tell you two ways, vise has medium commonly used three, the main difference between the two screws of center distance, the most common and I guess you said is belong to medium, two hole center distance is 98 MM, the bottom of the grip to 23 MM hole center distance. (punch position must be less than 23 MM) with metric coarse threads M10, general specification M10 screw, screw diameter of 10 MM, (through hole, is bigger than him, 11, 12 MM or so can) hat head size is between 14 to 16, more than he can Lazy person programming: 8MM thick milling cutter screw, milling through hole 11, total thickness left 5 to 10MM above all milling more than 16MM head hole Most efficient programming, 11 drilling, 16 drilling to 5-10mm, thick milling cutter with two knives milling flat head holes It is not impossible to use only the drill bit, but the force area is too small and the lock screws are not very good and easy to loosen. You will regret it when you loosen the clamp, so it is absolutely not recommended to drill with a drill

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