PVC Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Door NOB002

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Quick Details of PVC Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Door NOB002

Open Style: Swing                                 Position:  Interior                             Surface Finishing:  PVC Vinyl  

Type: Cabinet Doors                             Door Material:  MDF 

Usage: Kitchen and bathroom cabinets 


Packaging & Delivery of PVC Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Door NOB002

Packaging Detail: 5-6 pcs flat packed in standard export carton with plastic bubble film lining,can be on pallet.

Delivery Detail: 20days after receiving 30% deposit


Specifications of PVC Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Door NOB002

1.Optional Wood or wood grain: Oak, ash, teak, cherry, maple,pine,alder,etc.

2.Style: raised, flat panel,

3.Surface treatment: matte, high gloss, wood grain.

4.Environment friendly: E0, E1

5.The doors are anti-deforming and stable.

6.Attractive and decorative

7.Size,Color and style can be customized according to your specification.

8.Pakage: standard carton with two layers lining. 


Features of PVC Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Door NOB002

E1 18mm MDF door pressed with various colors of PVC. It's warp resistant, heat resistant, anti-tarnishing and eco friendly.

1) The door is E1 18mm MDF pressed PVC foil, the back is usually white melamine.

2) Various PVC brands are available such as Taiwan Orchard, Korea LG, Germany Renolit and Japan Riken. The thickness of PVC is from 0.35mm to 0.55mm.

3) The glue used is Germany Helmitin Produkten Forbo Genderen BV

4) Durable and very easy to clean

5)Usually 1*20' GP container can load 1,000 square meters of PVC MDF doors. The sizes are flexible depending on the clients' requirements.


Pictures of PVC Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Door NOB002

 PVC Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Door NOB002

 PVC Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Door NOB002

 PVC Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Door NOB002

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Q:Cabinet door panels with porcelain, okay?
Surface hardness of up to (4H) above (hammer striking surface without cracking, paint phenomenon), the normal impact of the corner, no cracks, paint off. Without sharp objects, the surface is not easy to scratch. The surface is impermeable and does not affect the quality of the product in the humid environment for a long time.
Q:What material does kitchen ambry door plank use better?
Door is currently mainly used solid wood, fire board, blister, paint four series.1) solid wood type: generally in the solid wood surface to do bump modelling, outside spray paint, solid wood whole ambry's price is expensive, the style is mostly the classical type.2) fireproof board type: it is the main material of integral ambry. The base material is shaving board or density board, and the surface is decorated with fireproof board. Fire boards are now used most.3) blister type: substrate for density board, surface by vacuum blister or by a seamless PVC film molding process.4) paint type: substrate for density board, the surface by high temperature baked. Paint made of cabinets is very beautiful, gorgeous, but the level of technology requirements, otherwise easy to change, used also in intensive care, afraid bump and scratches
Q:What is the material of the cupboard door in the kitchen?
Moistureproof board is in the process of production of base material, add a certain proportion moistureproof particle, make the degree that plate meets water expands greatly. General regular plate production enterprises produced moisture boards are marked, in order to distinguish from ordinary panels. For example, the European well-known egger is in moisture-proof plate mixed with green and red colors, different colors and different said moisture resistance, moisture-proof panel high kitchen table can choose red plate better moisture resistance, cabinet doors and select green sheet can be.
Q:What is the size of the kitchen cabinet door
General cabinet side with a full cover hinge, so even linked together with the box, half of the cabinet with a lid, half the amount of the box, pay attention to minus the size of the door.
Q:Cabinet door panels affixed to the skin, with wood grain, good health?
Fire board is a product of 90s eliminated, Optima has been in the low-end series use fire board, fireproof board to engage in health is certainly good to engage in, the surface layer is relatively smooth, but the fire board has shortcomings, it is extremely easy to be bad blisters, if not change, it is recommended that the landlord usually pay more attention to the maintenance door on the water must be wiped out, so the cabinet in order to use long!
Q:Can the cabinet door be gray?
The cabinet and console and kitchen appliances and various functional parts are organically combined together, and in accordance with the individual needs of consumers in the home kitchen structure, area, and family members, the overall configuration, the overall design, the overall construction, and finally the formation of complete sets of products; to achieve the overall coordination of the kitchen work in every process. And to create a good family atmosphere, deep breath of life.
Q:Types and features of integral cabinet door panels?
Paint door is the most widely used door panels, according to its surface paint, paint is divided into ordinary paint, piano baking, steel, baking paint, etc.. Ordinary paint surface brightness and intensity than the piano paint, piano paint is not comparable to the steel paint.The advantages of the paint door are: colorful, bright surface, easy to clean, because the computer is paint, so choose the range of colors is not restricted, that is to say, you can choose you see any one or more color as your door color.The disadvantage is: fear of collisions and scratches, but can be repaired after injury. However, some of the illegal manufacturers on the market now use paint to dry naturally instead of paint technology, so you must pay attention to it. The difference is, because the paint is paint in the room temperature baking, so the surface hardness, will be as weak as dry, and good flatness, no paint flow traces, and dry the door easy to change, the door edges often appear translucent color phenomenon.
Q:What are the materials for the cabinet door panels?
General use of paint and solid wood door panels in the majority. Environmental protection is basically a bit of chemical composition, not excessive, you can, big brands of products, environmental protection should be no problem.
Q:The cabinet door: molded plastic door, door panels, melamine decorative crystal layer of their respective advantages and disadvantages
Melamine decorative door panels, the cheapest and durable, most of the substrate for the particle board moistureproof board. Environmental protection grade is not high, then the plate around with PVC sealing edge, 3-5 years easy to crack, degumming, peeling. Imported melamine board, scratch resistance is better, but the cost up, the effect is also general.
Q:With a hammer cabinet door uneven how to debug?
Cabinet door height adjustment. The hinges of the door are adjusted by hinges, and the hinge is divided into two parts, one is on the door panel, the other is on the box. The door panel is fixed, only on the box to adjust that part, the two nails on the box is to adjust the door height. The hinge itself contains two roses, two points before and after. The front is pitched around, which is behind the tone before and after.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of PVC MDF doors (thermofoil doors) and DIY kitchen cabinets.Due to the simplicity of DIY kitchen designs and easy installation, we can offer a superb selection of kitchen doors and kitchen cabinets that are at once affordable and stylish.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing, China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value US$ 5 to US$ 10 Million
Main Markets North America; South America
Southeast Asia;
Mid East;
Western Europe;
Domestic Market
Company Certifications ISO9001 Certificate

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin, Shanghai
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 30,000-50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average